Record crowds at MCM London Comic Con !!

May 31, 2016 Kewel 0

Over 133,000 turn out on a Sunny Day Of Comic Con MCM London Comic Con has just enjoyed its most successful weekend ever, with a record-breaking 133,156 people attending the three-day pop culture fest.

Empress Comic Review !

May 13, 2016 Kieran 0

              While browsing  through the comics at my local store I came across Empress 1 now it should be said normally I could have easily passed this one by

Black Road #1 Comic Review

May 4, 2016 Elizabeth 0

Is it cold and dark or has ‘The Black Road’ (published by Image) just arrived?  Set in the lands of the Vikings where Brian Wood’s words and  Garry Brown’s art set the scene for our […]