How Do We Live Without……

August 5, 2012 Zool 0

……..the ShitBox, the Cardboard Crapper (or for those more delicate among us the Ploo!!) – is a cardboard pop-up loo, which comes with a handy duffle bag for easy carrying about, as well as 10 biodegradablepoop bags […]

Steve Jobs – the legacy

August 4, 2012 Zool 0

There's a couple of ways to tell the Steve Jobs story. In one, he’s a visionary who built a company that built computers for the rest of us and became enormously and deservedly rich doing […]

Cookie Policy

August 4, 2012 Zool 0

Cookies The Company can use cookies to illustrate how you are using the Site. What is a cookie? – a cookie consists of information which is sent by a web server to a web browser, […]

Privacy Policy

August 4, 2012 Zool 0

Privacy Policy  The Company is committed to your right to privacy and will only use your data as set in this privacy policy below. Please read this privacy policy carefully. By using the Site you […]

Terms & Conditions of Use

August 4, 2012 Zool 0

Terms and Conditions of Use In these Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) and the Company’s privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) “the Company” means Interactive Logic Limited a company incorporated in England and Wales (registered number 08134235) whose registered office […]

Menu Scroll To Section

June 10, 2011 Zool 0

Thsi template includes a scroll to feature that will scroll your page to a specified section of your site. All you have to do is create an external link in your menu manager and then […]

Module Positions and Styles

December 5, 2007 Zool 0

All modules are fully collapsible What exactly is a collapsing module? It's quite simple, whenever a module is not published to a postion that position does not appear on the frontend of the template. Consider […]

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