Cosplay Girl in a Cosplay World

  We have been extremely lucky at Kewel World to get a chance to chat with Model and Cosplayer Victoria, who has been involved in cosplay since early 2006 bringing not only her beauty but […]

Good Girls Need Not Apply

Claire Seville is a british photographer based in Birmingham, who specialises in making good girls into very bad girls! She offers a altogether different approach to the many photography makeover studios offering to make anyone […]

Shadow Warrior REIMAGINED

  REIMAGINED SHADOW WARRIOR ON TAP FROM DEVOLVER DIGITAL AND FLYING WILD HOG FOR PC AND NEXT GEN CONSOLES – Who Wants Some Wang? –   Austin, TX,20 May 2013 – Independent developer Flying Wild […]

They still don’t get it!

  Following on from the local elections and the results for UKIP, we have Cameron looking shell shocked and without actually saying the words, apologising for calling them fruitcakes “Well look, it’s no good insulting […]