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3 Devils #1 is not your ordinary Western, in fact it has more of a supernatural feel than anything else!
  Written and drawn by Bo Hampton it tells the tale of a gypsy girl who is found by a free slave named Marcus, after her family is brutally murdered by three mystery strangers.  Now you quickly come to learn that there is more to Marcus than meets the eye, he has some very strange powers indeed.

Bo’s writing is definitely interesting and while the artwork is nothing amazing I kind of like it, fitting well with the dark storyline offering lots of rough edges to enhance the harshness of those times.

Bo Hampton

The story itself is almost shrouded in mystery as little is given away , you only get a glimpse of what Marcus can do with little backgrounds or reasons.   You can’t help feel there is a lot more to come with Jeremy Mohler’s colouring enhancing the darkness of the book, the only gripe I would have is sometimes the lettering is on darkened panels which makes for a little hard reading but other than that this is a pretty good read.

Verdict:  Cowboys, Zombies and Devils need I say, well written and interesting enough to get issue 2, worth picking up!

Raiting 8/10

IDW Publisher
BO Hampton Writer & Artist
Jeremy Mohler Colourist
Tom Waltz Edits
Ted Adams Publisher

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