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Having recently watched the movie Gravity, it rekindled my love of space which I admit came many years ago and has been one of my most geeky habits.  Whilst Gravity is an ‘ok’ movie, it was not the concept of someone being stuck in space which I found so very interesting, but the visual which really grabbed me, looking at earth from space was just breath-taking, and it got me thinking and on the trail of finding new space themed goods to add to my space collection!

Something that seems to be very popular these days is space food, I mean if you want to get the feel of what its like to be an astronaut, what better way than getting to taste what they eat?  Now I cannot confess to actually trying this myself; but my cousin bought some vanilla ice cream for her brother for Christmas with him claiming it to be unbelievably just like real ice cream so that is first on my list.


Astronaut Ice Cream

Space Ice Cream is Great for an Astronaut themed birthday party. Enjoy this great tasting, freeze dried ice cream. Get it now at The Space Store!


Now I have always had a soft spot for aliens, feeling somehow they are always made out to be the bad guys while us earthlings are always the goodies, except of course E.T who we all just loved so I found these little babies and figured I had to start getting one or two of the Electronic Test Tube Aliens Pure Evil but so great looking

 Electronic Test Tube Aliens – Pure Evil ONE ALIEN TUBE PER ORDER Bring your alien to life by adding water. Feed them ‘Sloog’ to make them grow. Register them online, activate them and unleash a world of interactive play! Keep them alive if you dare!Each Test Tube Alien comes with everything you need to hatch the egg and grow the alien to adulthood. Your alien will grow to adult size in about two weeks if you care for it properly. Feed it and make sure the water level in the test tube is high, but not so high that it covers the breathing tubes in the alien’s antennae. Once your alien reaches adulthood, you can log into the Test Tube Aliens website and interrogate the alien.

Of course, if we are going to have some aliens then we are also going to need an astronaut or two, and I cannot lie the thought of being an astronaut has always fascinated me just as much as the planets and stars so this guy had to be in my collection


Apollo Moonwalker Saluting

“One small step for man … One Giant Leap for Mankind!” This Apollo Moonwalker Saluting recreates the moment that Apollo 11 Commander Neil Armstrong on July 20, 1969 became the first human being to set foot on the Moon. He was joined minutes later by LEM Pilot Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin. This highly detailed Astronaut Figure is on a moon surface base and is depicted saluting. This astronaut is 3.5″ tall.


Just to add there were some really other cool things that I came across whilst looking for astronauts on the space store, but I fell in love with this little guy AstroNeil who comes from the String Gang range and is a perfect little gift for any budding space fan.

 AstroNeil’ one of the most popular dolls of The String Doll Gang®.


‘AstroNeil’ one of the most popular dolls of The String Doll Gang®. Meet ‘AstroNeil’, one of the new figures from The String Doll Gang®. Each String Doll has his or her own special power that is always positive and helpful. They are fun for the whole family and make the perfect gift for any occasion ? we like to call them $10 pieces of art!Contains: One String Doll with a double-sided fabric tag and lobster claw keyring (pictured). The String Doll Gang® is loved by all ages but have small parts and not for children under the age of 8.

Finally, I am not lying when I say I could spend all day looking at these space items to add to my collection, but just to finish off my little shopping trip, I could not go without adding one of these super cool, Solar Racers and as you can guess these beauties are totally solar powered – just take them outside, give em a little sun and watch them go, yes I know they are not your typical space geeky stuff but we all got to have a little fun now and again!


Solar Racers

Uncle Milton Solar Racers vehicles in assorted colors are now available at The Space Store. We ship worldwide.


There is little doubt space and space travel will always have an unparalleled interest to many of us, even now with the NASA space program stalled after Atlantis landed safely bringing to an end a space program that had done so much over the years.  In fact, one can only wonder how far would mankind have got in space if more money had been spent on space exploration than on wars, but in true Big Bang Theory geekiness, we love our space toys as much as our super heroes.

All the above Items and much more are availble from The Space Store

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