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A little while ago we decided to try out one of the many subscription box services, if you haven’t heard of these basically it’s where you pay a monthly subscription and in return each month you get a blind box of hopefully cool items
Supposedly the contents are supposed to have a greater value than what you paid for it, with many of the items being exclusive, so we thought we would dip our feet in the water so to speak and chose for our very first subscription an Arcade Box, which is available from a company called Nerd Block who also offer a number of other themed boxes such as Classic, Horror, Comic, Girls JR and Boys JR all targeted a specific interest except the Classic which is a mix of all things cool and geeky.

Anyway enough of the waffle I can hear you say let’s get opening that box , first thing you will notice is that the box itself is very nerdblockwell constructed having a really cool look of an old Nintendo game system so kudos for that guys really nice touch!
Once open I had to get my hands on the Funko Pop figure which was Markov from the game Evolve, haven’t played it just seen some videos on YouTube but it looks great so will have to give that a try at some stage, but I am happy as this vinyl figure looks really cool and will be a nice addition to my collection.

Next up was the T-shirt which you get one of, every month only this time for some reason there was two so that was a nice bonus, the first one is inspired from the game The Last Of Us and has a large yellow caution sign and mushroom head zombie on the front, the other one which is the random bonus shirt is black again, with an image of a crowned spider man sitting on his throne which is ok but for me not as cool as the first one but its free right!

block3Ok now we have a small packet of micro figures called Mummies, have no real clue about these except they are from the game Cut the Rope, they look cute and you get a card containing a code for some extra levels but nothing major so moving along.
Retro coasters (drinks mats) these are so cool designed to look like old style game cartridges they come in a pack of four each one depicting a game Super Mario, Contra, Duck Story and Excite BMX , love these – very nice touch
After this we pulled out a CD, interesting choice a music mix of coin op classics from Dj Organic no clue who or even if he or she exists but will give it a listen; one for hard core retro gamers I think.

And finally, but not least in the box there was a comic Sonic Worlds Unite Number 1 with what looks like a variant cover for Arcade Bloc, never a big fan of Sonic the Hedgehog but still a nice addition for Sonic fans
Well that was our first subscription box and one that’s hard to weigh up due to the extra T-shirt, which puts it well over the value of what it cost, overall though we really liked it, we got a great Funko Pop Figure, plus two really cool T Shirts and some added retro gamer stuff – how cool is that!

Kewel World Value Rating: 9/10

Cost of Box     $19.99                                    Cost of Delivery to UK     $12.50

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spiderman T Shirt block5cut the rope game
block7 retro coin op music  sonic the hedghog comic


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