About Us

About Us

Kewel World is the creative baby of two friends, who met many years ago whilst both were lost in the world of gaming, being self-confessed geeks, gamers, tech freaks and writers, an online magazine seemed to be the logical step to take when deciding to be grown-ups.

Kewel World has grown and grown, and we now have a small dedicated team of writers who put together Kewelworld.com, keeping the content, original and fresh.


The Team

Elizabeth Clarke – Editor (editor@kewelworld.com)

A Dr Who fan who won't go anywhere without her Sonic Screwdriver, she is always hoping for a time space continium to open up.  Able to perform the Vulcan Salute and convinced therefore she is part Vulcan (however illogical that might be!), she regularly departs with 'Live Long and Prosper'!!


Kieran Martin – Designer and IT Guru (info@kewelword.com)

Comic, Cosplay and Retro pretty much anything fan, he spends far too much time ensuring we have the most gorgeous of alternative models and cosplayers to feature on Kewelworld.  A Comic Con regular and definitely the nicest Wookie you will ever meet.


Charlie Blair – Chief Writer (features@kewelworld.com)

Gadget fan, and drinker of enough tea to float a boat, possibly the only person in the world who actually bought the USB fish tank (and still has live fish in it), he is somewhat blacksheeped for his love of Star Wars, and the fact he is the only Kewel World'ian who fights for the Alliance (WOW).


Clare Johnson 

– Lifestyle writer, who is regularly stolen from under the nose of Razberry Juice, an ex-gamer who only now plays Candy Crush Saga!  But she makes a mean roast dinner and watches every web series offering out there.


The Opinionator

We think he might be over 100 years old, we think he might have an opinion on everything, we think he might be convinced his opinion on everything is right, we think we love his rumbles and we dont think he has any hair.


Anthony Jones

– Interactive Logic Limited – Advertising and marketing squirrel (he stores the nuts)!



RazberryJuice.com is our sister magazine, launched at the same time as KewelWorld.com, it features much much more entertainment and lifestyle and lives in the same stables at KewelWorld.com.

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