Action Squad breaches into full commercial launch

Take on criminals alone or with a partner and kick some serious back doors in this retro-inspired action extravaganza

KillHouse Games has announced that their retro-inspired, high-octane, side-scrolling action game Door Kickers: Action Squad is leaving Steam Early Access and launching commercially on the platform today. Door Kickers: Action Squad is an over the top, old-school action side-scroller complete with co-op multiplayer. As part of a SWAT team, players must infiltrate buildings, breach doors and eliminate the bad guys as part of their justice serving mission. Featuring retro graphics and design sensibilities, the game takes the familiar side scrolling-action genre and infuses it with a layer of tactical puzzlery that has no set solution and allows seat of the pants improvisation and out of the box thinking.

KillHouse Games
PC Gamer:
 Door Kickers: Action Squad is like a 2-player 2D Rainbow Six Siege.”

Blitz: “The BEST SWAT TEAM Simulator EVER!”

In its Early Access form, Door Kickers: Action Squad achieved a 92% positive Steam rating, featuring a single-player mode, couch and online co-op multiplayer mode, 4 different player classes with 3 unique weapons per class, 3 gear items, 8 enemy types, 2 mission types and 24 levels. However, developer KillHouse Games have not stopped there
Action Squad The full commercial launch comes with a brand new update to the game, drastically increasing its scope and giving players even more tools to play with as they come up with ever more intricate tactics to take on their mission and finish it in record time. The full release of Door Kickers: Action Squad also includes a brand new chapter pitting the player against a dastardly drug cartels, containing 12 levels and 4 new enemies, RPG-style character progression, a new passive perk system, 3 crazy boss enemy styles, even more weapons, a full stats rebalance for player characters and enemies, 60 total levels and online leaderboards. Let’s just say things are gonna get messy.
scrolling action game “We’re so excited to finally get the full version of Door Kickers: Action Squad out to the fans and the eager public. The game has been very well received in its Early Access state, so we took on board player feedback and live-tested the game with hundreds of players at PAX East and Gamescom. We’ve added a load more content and features for players in its final release,” said Dan Dimitrescu of KillHouse Games. “We hope players have fun blasting through the game solo or with their friends and appreciate the amount of depth we have added to the experience. We have even more content planned post-release as well as workshop support and releasing the in-game level editor for the general public, and we can’t wait to see what our players come up with!”

Door Kickers: Action Squad is a tense, pulpy “shoot first, ask questions later” take on the SWAT team formula, injecting it with a dose of 90s action-movie-esque kick-assery, an ounce of strategy, and a bucket load of craziness and laughter. Door Kickers: Action Squad is now available on Steam for $13.99/€11.99/£10.99.

Check out Door Kickers: Action Squad on Steam:

About KillHouse Games
KillHouse Games are a small indie studio founded in late 2012, in Bucharest, Romania. They are made up of veterans of the local big-name game studios and are building hardcore games for the 21st century.

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