Affected The Manor VR Comes to Playstation

AFFECTED: The Manor brings terror to PSN from today

The most popular VR horror experience finally arrives on PlayStation VR

Fallen Planet Studios and Perp Games are thrilled to announce that AFFECTED: The Manor has finally arrived on PlayStation VR as of today.

One of the original VR Walkthrough Horrors, AFFECTED: The Manor has amassed over 250 million YouTube hits and received countless features worldwide.

This first-person horror walkthrough introduces players to a dimly-lit haunted house where suspense, audio, and lighting are used to great effect to create an unmatched, immersive VR experience.

AFFECTED has been designed so anyone can put on a PSVR headset to navigate the horrors within The Manor. And with the possibility of seeing four different endings and the choice of taking two different routes through The Manor, AFFECTED will leave a lasting impression that you will want to share with friends and family as much as experience for yourself.

Perp GamesAlex Moretti, CEO of Fallen Planet Studios, says “We are delighted to bring AFFECTED: The Manor to PSVR. Our Oculus version is a top user rated experience and has been since its release, so to be able to make it available for the PlayStation community is really exciting for us. During design we deliberately removed any complicated mechanics and eschewed convoluted puzzles, so with just one button to move in any direction that the player is facing, it enables full immersion within the experience; it really is virtual reality at its core. As a studio, quality is so important to us feel and we really feel we have created the best horror walkthrough in VR. The ratings we have received on previous platforms is testament to that and we have worked for a long time on our PSVR build to get it to the quality that people expect from a Fallen Planet release.”

Critics have praised the game’s impact with Road to VR saying ‘The Manor is a purchase that will keep on giving’ and UploadVR claiming ‘AFFECTED: The Manor is completely terrifying and will be an absolute blast for fans of thrills.

Even Oculus themselves call AFFECTED: The Manor “The original VR horror experience”

Rob Edwards, MD of Perp Games, cannot wait for PlayStation VR owners to finally try AFFECTED ‘“We are thrilled that one of the most successful VR Experiences is coming to PSVR.  The scares and horror within the Manor are just the start and we are very excited to be working with Fallen Planet Studios on a very special Physical Release in 2019”.

AFFECTED: The Manor is the first chapter in an intended trilogy – with AFFECTED: The Asylum and AFFECTED: The Carnival due to follow. AFFECTED will receive a boxed retail release on PSVR once all three episodes have been completed.

The digital release of AFFECTED: The Manor is now available on the PSN store in all territories for £5.99 / €5.99 / $7.99

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