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Ashley Payne Model

I came across Ashley while looking for models that not only look good but that our readers would also be interested in finding out more about.  So it was pretty cool to get some time with the girl next door looks and the bad kitty eyes!  At just 20 Ashley definitely knows what she wants and where she is going, so I started by popping the question who is Ashley Payne and how did she get started in modelling?

I'm from Laurens, South Carolina. I started modelling a couple years ago I had talked to a photographer about doing a shoot then later decided I really didn't want to, he asked me to give it a try anyway and when I did I fell in love with it and kept going. 


A lot of models today are very much in to being alternative is this an area you hope to explore more or do you prefer the more normal glamour stuff? Ashley Payne Model

Well, with having my tattoos and piercings I can't really go into the glamour but I love that style too, but of course i'll always prefer the alternative side.  Alternative is more my style it's why I got my tattoos and started getting into modelling.

We have just begun a New Year do you have any aspirations or goals you have set yourself?

I have so many, it's ridiculous but I find it better to have too many than not enough. There's a clothing line called Dirty Shirty I would love to model their clothes, also I want to get a picture in the Playboy Magazine I've had my picture on their website just about every week for Frisky Friday so I would love to make their magazine with that. I also would love to win Playboy Miss Social, it's a competition that's held every month and the winner gets to shoot with a Playboy photographer in LA. Maxim is also something I want to try and get into, and any tattoo Magazines. Other than that mainly just book more shoots, have some pictures in magazines and get bigger in modelling.

Ashley Payne ModelWhile we are on the subject of New Year did you do anything crazy for New Year’s Eve?

Unfortunately no, I'm not much on 'getting crazy'! I sat around with my boyfriend and some of my boyfriend's friends and family to watch a football game that was my excitement of the night.

You obviously love tattoos and I have to say they look good on you, how many do you have and do you have anymore planned?

Thank you. Right now I have 11, I want to finish up my leg tattoos, then start on everything else; I don't have anything planned for sure just yet.

Besides your love of tattoos what other interests or hobbies do you have outside of modelling?

I love animals, I love to spend time with my dogs, and my chinchilla if I'm not working. Recently I've found a new love for watching hockey too so hopefully i'll start getting to watch more games and of course I love to shop. Most people wouldn't think it but I love to read, I really could all day – it's the simple things in life. 

A lot of models today cross over into acting, is this an area you have thought much about?

Oh no, I'm the most awkward person ever I couldn't let anyone catch that on tape.   Ashley Payne - Model

Now for a biggie where do you see yourself in five years’ time?

I'm hoping to see myself in some magazines, my face everywhere, meaning I made it in modelling if I don't make it in modelling I'd like to start my own restaurant, right now I'm a manager of a burger place. I hope to be moving up more and more to start something of my own. But I guess we will see.

With all our guests Ashley we like to ask a few fun questions before we set them free!

Do you have a favourite T-shirt? Honestly, probably my Yoda shirt or Little Mermaid, I'm a big kid.

What scares you most spiders or garden gnomes? Spiders, definitely, they freak me out I think gnomes are cute, sometimes.

Do you have a favourite joke if so please give our readers a laugh? I'm all for corny jokes everyone makes fun of me, my favourite is……

'How does thread get to school?'

'A spool bus'

This is where I bust out laughing and I'm usually the only one.

Where in the world would you most like to visit? Australia, I have always wanted to go there, it's beautiful.

What’s the worst pickup line you have heard? I lost my number, can I have yours? That'll never get any girl, I promise.


Ashley Payne - model

I am sure we are going to be hearing a lot more about Ashely in the future, and you can see more of her on the following sites:-



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