Girl with the Perfect AirBrush

Bianca Thompsom

When Bianca Thompson said yes yes yes to an interview request, there were those rather excited, the Razberry Team having some serious pin-up art and comic fans! So what did they do? They passed the job to me, someone who hasn’t seen a comic since about 1994 and has no clue what an airbrush really is other than for making beautiful people even more flawless and teenage girls even more angsty!

So I settled down for some research and immediately I loved it! Bianca's work feels accessible and fun! The Pin-Up art is sassy with a smidge of sexy, and I love her Dead Divas's™ series, the characters are inspired by her own divorce, proving that there are two sides to every story and what you get is not always what you see!! – check them out here and you will instantly understand what she means.


Bianca Thompson was born and raised in Phoenix AZ in the States; with a musician father and a fashion designer mother, it was not surprising that she started winning art awards in the 2nd grade. Being a self-taught airbrush artist, at the tender age of 17 she started working for an airbrush artist, which proved to be the forerunner for a successful career airbrushing T-shirts and clothing items. Despite the fact that growing up she was told her art was no good or monotonous, she ignored those detractors and for good reason; in the last year she has worked with Marvel Comics and other popular comic companies as a sketch card artist. She also sells her work online and on Ebay, along with in a “real” shop, that being a key to success, ensuring you cover all bases, as an artist producing art using modern techniques, it is important to not limit yourself.

Bianca quite rightly describes her work as unique, with airbrush being a somewhat dying art for a while now, she has taken it to the next level Bianca Thompsonas the only sketch card artist using almost 100% airbrush on tiny 2.5”x3.5” cards. She has been airbrushing for over 15 years it by far being her favourite medium.

When I asked Bianca who influenced her, she cited the likes of Julie Bell, Olivia and Dan Brereton and after a little more research on my part (do your own – this article is about Bianca Thompson!) I can see why, much of Bianca's work falls down in between fantasy art and comic art, her style is unique and creative.

I asked Bianca if she had any advice for a someone starting out, interested in airbrush art, she told me one of the reasons airbrushing is a dying art is because it requires serious investment, in the form of time, patience – she says “In all honesty it is for serious artists only”.

To appease my afore mentioned colleagues……we finished on some rather more light hearted questioning-

What’s your favourite colour?


Where in the world would you like most to go visit?


What type of music do you like to listen too?

"Depeche Mode, Evenescence, Muse"

Do you sing while taking a bath shower?

"Yes and I love karaoke."

If you were a cartoon character what or who would you be ?

"Jean Grey from the X-men"




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