Bob Was Hungry Review

bob was hungry platform gameLove them or hate them platform games have been around forever and with this one newly launched on Steam I thought I would take it for a spin.

Now I am not the most advent fan of platform games so I was a little unsure of how I would take to this but to be honest after a little getting used to the controls me and bob were quickly up and running.

The game itself is played as a sideways scroller allowing for both backward and forward movement in an extremely smooth and responsive fashion, with the object of the game being to bounce your way through each level while consuming any food items that you find.platform game

As with all platforms you have to have your nasty objects and difficult platform levels to master through which I always find is a bit of a double edge sword for game companies; as if they are to hard to master, players get frustrated and if they are too easy, well then it’s not challenging enough. Thankfully ‘Bob Was Hungry’ seems to have got this spot-on using the trajectory of how you bounce as a means to enhancing the difficulty level combined with collectible condiments and time challenges which unlock harder pieces of map all adding to the challenge and gameplay of this slightly addictive game.

I haven’t really spoken about the graphics because I feel with most platform games its more about the game play than graphics as for this game they are nice enough while nothing amazing they do fit the whole theme and add to that happy feeling.

One thing that really does add to this game is the ability to play against up to eight other players online either sharing lives in a co-op or racing against each other in time challenges, definitely a bonus for this type of game

bob was hungry game

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Overall player score 8/10

Pluses                                                    Minuses

Challenging                                          Graphics Could Be Better



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