Borough of Churches Comic Review

Borough of Churches

While at this year’s Super Comic Con I picked up a copy of Borough of Churches which admittedly it has been out for a while, but I had never come across it until now, anyway it’s published by Elippsium Entertainment from the writer Adam Cheal and Artist Amrit Birdi.

Right from the very start you can’t help but be swayed by the beautiful cover artwork, it’s got that dark eerie feeling that makes you want to turn the first page to see what horrors may lay within.

Whereby you are given a brief introduction to what Borough of Churches is all about or should I say BOC for short. An ancient organisation of monster hunters are the words used but to put It more simply, they like to kill bad things.

Adam Cheal

From here you are almost given a tour of how BOC first came in to existence with vivid images of its leader Sir Doyle Swan as he battles with the darkness of the undead, which all helps to lead you into the storyline of present day where we are introduced to the aptly named Charlie Swanson, a beautiful yet effective leader whose life she feels has almost be cursed by a secret order that her bloodlines ensured she would be part of

The concept may not be new but Cheal’s writing has a certain swagger to it, seen in the way he adds touches of funny Amrit Birdi throughout while creating a complex yet interesting character in Charlie Swanson who has been perfectly matched by the artwork of Amrit Birdi with both colourist Michael Summers and letterer Mindy Lopkin adding to the overall look and layout.

Overall this comic has all the ingredients to turn into a really good storyline, good verses bad plus a strong female character that Messer’s Cheal and Birdi have sparkled their magic on, but in truth like a lot of comics you usually know after the first few pages if you will continue to read them or not and in this case I am glad I bought issue two because I really like this comic it’s one of those little gems you stumble across and think damn this is good, I guess another reason to visit Comic Cons they are so full of hidden talent.

If this review has given you a taste to read it yourself check out the links below

Adam Cheal
Amrit Birdi

Rating : 8/10

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