Bucket of Doom “Review” Warning ! Do Not Drink and Play

bucket of doom

Big Potato Games Bucket of Doom

We came across Bucket of Doom while attending MCM’s October Comic Con in London, its brightly coloured pinkness calling out to us from across the packed convention floor, (very clever design) after initially enquiring as to what mysteries where contained in this wondrous bucket, the guys from Big Potato Games, who i may add were extremely busy dealing with other eager attendees politely took some time out to give us a rundown on the game’s origins and what it’s all about, while in the process they kindly gave us a Bucket of Doom to try out for ourselves!

Published by Big Potato Games a company setup up by Tristan Williams, Ben Drummond and Dean Tempes after appearing on Dragon’s Den with their game Linkee!   So is safe to say that Bucket of Doom does come with a bit of a proven formula.

Funded on Kickstarter back in 2014 the game is causing quite a bit of a stir with its bright design and downright whacky gameplay – but enough waffle let’s take a look inside!

Upon opening you will notice 3 packs of cards neatly packed upright in a small container and yes, you guessed it, this is indeed a card game!   You should have 2 packs of object cards and one pack of doom cards if not then just contact the guys of Big Potato Games!

Right now here comes the fun and remember I did use the word whacky earlier! Players are dealt eight object cards which are double sided black and white with the rules saying you should never cross streams so choose one colour and stick to it. (it should be noted the cards are somewhat adult in theme, making for a more mature audience)

At this point a player must read out the randomly drawn Doom card from which the other players must hatch out a “ plan using one of the eight dealt cards – the idea being to come up with the most elaborate escape plan possible.

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For example:

“You’re on a tanning bed you turn the dial up to 11 and shut the lid. It jams. You start to cook”

HA this one was easy as we just happened to have an object card in our hands that said “Electric eel” so we set it loose using its in built electricity to short out the circuits of the tanning bed popping open the lid setting us free – easy right? We could have used the “Bag of hospital bio-medical waste” or “She-Wee” – I did warn you it was whacky!   But instead I think we may have also electrocuted ourselves using the electric eel!l

There is a Macgyver rule which allows for using as many of the eight cards as you like allowing for some really zany escape plans.

A winner is picked by the other players voting using their elbow to choose the person who they feel came up with the best escape plan, with instances of a tie a casting vote is given by the person who read out the doom card.


So what did we think? Bucket of Doom bares all the hallmarks of Cards Against Humanity and yet still manages to create its own style of gameplay, after a brief introduction to the rules you will be up and running in no time, while you roll around in hysterics listening to the most outlandish ideas from your friends.

With Christmas just arround the corner This really is perfect fun game for the festive season and with plenty of expansion packs available the possibilities are realy endless! Perfect for those office parties!! So, grab a group of people – anyone in fact – and let the fun times roll!

Rating: 8/10

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“Warning do not play this game with alcohol you would be surprised what crazy things people will argue over even if it’s a flying monkey from another planet!”

Website: Bucket of Doom

Company: Big Potato

Twitter: BOB

Facebook: www.facebook.com/bucketofdoom

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