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CALEXIT #1 California Lost ?

For a while now I had been hearing some good things about Calexit even before its release and I have to say wow, this comic really does make a big splash.

Written by Matteo Pizzolo the storyline revolves around the question of what if California were to secede from the United States, “well it has” not really but in this story that’s exactly what’s happened and talk about timing, after all that’s gone on the past year with the elections and the Trump hoo-ha one could expect that very question has been posed over many a dinner table.

Anyway back to Calexit, where we are given the perfect introduction “Welcome to the Wes & Smitty Show on Voice of America Radio Network, Broadcasting to all our fellow Americans in Occupied Los Angeles” how great is that for an opening?  Pizzolo’s writing is so subtle you almost don’t realise you are being drawn in to this volatile subject matter, no huge backstory needed here the opening radio news bulletins give you all need to know and if any further proof of how this could happen is needed, just log on to the internet and check out how crazy the world is at the moment.

As with all dystopian doomsday/revolutionary type tales you have your good guys and bad, and Calexit is no different.  Pizzolo has crafted some formidable leading characters; Zora is the young woman who’s face fronts the guerrilla movement and it has to be said she has a way with words when it comes to dealing with her enemies “KILL EM ALL”, while Jamil is the is the quick thinking courier or as some may prefer to use another term, drug dealer, who tries to run a thin line between both sides often times one crossing in to the other.

Last but by no mean least is Mr Bad himself, Father Rossie, a rather despicable character whose appearance is that of a Nazi/Gestapo type person from World War 2, whose sole purpose is the crushing of the movement and elimination of its leaders by any means possible.

Matteo Pizzolo

The artwork from Amancay Nahuelpan is almost simplistic in its nature, but somehow it works in creating a tense and uncertain environment with colours by Tyler Boss and lettering by Jim Campbell all adding to the chaos of the times.

Comic books don’t get much better than this for a first issue and believe me Black Mask have published a real goody in Calexit, yes there is political undertones and yes there are few antifa looking characters and yes there’s even a Donald Trump Looking figure as president, but  whatever your Political beliefs are, put them on hold for twenty minutes, and give this book a try, it’s thought provoking drama at its best combined with a host of interviews at the back not only from Pizzolo himself but also Amanda Weaver, Lexi Alexander and Bill Ayers making this a must read.

Rating: 9/10

Publishers = Black Mask Studios

Writer = Matteo Pizzolo

Artist = Amancay Nahuelpan

Colours = Tyler Boss

Lettering = Jim Campbell


Black Mask Studios

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