Nea Dune Model and Cover Girl

  We have been fortunate to get a chance to chat with a very beautiful lady from the modelling world, this time the very dark and gorgeous Nea Dune has firmly landed in our hot […]

Sarah Moon Making Cosplay Fun

We were very excited when Sarah Moon said yes yes yes, to an interview.  Why? – we love cosplayers on Kewel World, and we love gorgeous curvy girls and Sarah Moon is both!  Describing herself […]

Stacey Rebecca Cosplay Kickass

Once again we are joined by another stunning Model / Cosplayer,  this time the very lovely and talented Stacey Rebecca joins us for a chat, one only has to look at her work to see […]

Mel Madigan Insanely Kickass

Mel Madigan Insanely Kickass Today we have a really great guest for our Cosplay Interview, the lovely Mel Madigan (or as she is often referred to Mad Mel Madigan, not sure that title works judging […]

Cosplay Girl in a Cosplay World

  We have been extremely lucky at Kewel World to get a chance to chat with Model and Cosplayer Victoria, who has been involved in cosplay since early 2006 bringing not only her beauty but […]

Good Girls Need Not Apply

Claire Seville is a british photographer based in Birmingham, who specialises in making good girls into very bad girls! She offers a altogether different approach to the many photography makeover studios offering to make anyone […]

Sarah Quinn – Model Gamer

    Sarah Quinn is a freelance ALT Model based in London, describing herself as a Gamer Clothing Designer and all around nerd, so it was pretty cool to throw a few questions at this very […]

Cindy McDonald – Experiences

We love featuring models on Kewel World, and over the last few months have featured some great women, at varying stages in their careers, our last couple of models have been right at the start, […]

Karinna Atlee – My Pin-Up Girl

A pinup diva with a taste for all that’s geek, Karinna Atlee is as enthusiastic about comics, games and movies as she is about her modeling. Just do a quick search of her name in […]

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