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The Chair




Being in prison is horrible enough but being in prison for something you didn’t do is a whole heap of horrors in itself.

Richard Sullivan has just spent the last 10 years on death row for a crime he claims he didn’t commit or so he says, I know I know that’s what they all say, but if anything history is littered with injustices and who knows maybe he’s telling the truth.

Anyway not only is he incarcerated in a hell hole from hell but he also has to share these lovely surroundings with some the worst scum on earth, murderers, rapists, child killers  and even terrorists but compared to the guards and the warden these guys are almost choir boys.

In-between tampering with their food the warden and his band of merry butchers take pleasure in torturing his fellow inmates often times just outright murdering them, all the while leaving Sullivan to bear witness to the hellish madness as he ponders his own sanity and past misgivings.
horror comic
The Chair is a very dark tale indeed not only does it delve in to the psyche of an innocent man, but it touches on something even more darker, the question of what happens if the people in charge of such places are even worse monsters than those behind bars, I mean once they are found guilty and that cell door closes behind them, does anyone really care?

Printed on newsprint combined with Kevin Christensen sketchy strokes and Peter Simeti‘s writing all add to the dark feeling of hopeless.

Alterna Comics are turning out some pretty good stuff these days having just finished Mother Russia.  The Chair is just as good if not better and priced at just $1 there’s no reason not to give it a try

Last word, if you are a horror fan there is never that that many good horror comics out there, this one you are going to love – dark, scary and just a little skewed.

Rating: 8/10


About Alterna’s comics

Founded in 2006 by current president and publisher Peter Simeti, Alterna Comics titles are distributed worldwide in print and digital formats and in several languages.

In January 2012, FUBAR Vol.2 reached #6 on the New York Times Best Selling Graphic Books list.

In 2016, Alterna released their first major motion picture, the death row horror thriller – The CHAIR. The film stars Bill Oberst Jr., Tim Muskatell, Noah Hathaway, Zach Galligan, Naomi Grossman, Ezra Buzzington, Roddy Piper and many others.

Alterna Comics titles are found wherever books are sold.



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