Comic Block August 2015 Unboxing Review

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Ok, we been a bit busy with things so our look at subscription boxes got held up!! But it may have been worth the wait for this one!

Comic Block is another subscription box from the Nerd Block guys and basically what you get is three mystery comics plus a t-shirt, not much you say well for just $13.99 plus shipping it’s not bad value since you would pay that and more just for a decent t-shirt.

As with all Nerd Block subscriptions they come in a well-designed box which always looks good arriving at any door, so without further waffle let’s take a look inside;

first out is the t-shirt and wow we kind of really liked this one, not a huge fan of white, but its Spider Gwen which looks really cool, so big happy with that, next out is the DC comic Bombshells Series issue 1 which is quite new I think, the cover and artwork look really good which, again, gets a big plus and added to our reading list.spider gwen

Red Sonja Conan issue 1 from Dark Horse is out next, never having been a fan of Conan since watching the movies with Arnold Schwarzenegger we just could not take it anyway serious and it came across way too cheesy, but it is a Variant cover so will definitely give it a try.

Finally, we have a comic from IDW The X Files Season 11 Issue 1 which we really really like and once again it’s a Comic Block exclusive variant cover so yeah with all the hype about the new TV show starting again this one is a big plus indeed.

Oh and just when I thought it’s all over, there’s a really nice print of the very popular web comic Heart and Brain another exclusive for this month’s box.

Well that wraps up our Comic Block Unboxing for this month so what did we think? Well for me this is one of the best subscription boxes out there and a really nice way try out new comics with some great value to be had.

Kewel World Value Rating: 10/10

Cost of Box     $13.99                                    Cost of Delivery to UK     $12.50

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bombshells comicRed Sonja Conan Comic The X Files Comic


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