Cosplay – What’s It All About?

Cat WomanWell first off it’s a pretty wide and growing sub-culture which is mostly associated with the geeky and nerdy! Go to any comic or video game convention and you are sure to find a Cosplayer or two.

The word Cosplay pretty much gives away what its all about – yes that’s right – people dressing up, and don’t tell me you don’t like to dress up now and then, we all do! Remember that pizza delivery guy costume hanging in the wardrobe “Oh wait that’s mine”. Anyway Cosplayers are much more than that; they are artists be it performing art or modern art, they take on the role of a comic super hero or a fantasy film heroine and bring them to life often spending many hours designing costumes and making sure every detail is correctly recreated.


Dressing up in costumes as your favourite sci-fi character has been going on for years

Trekkies and Star Wars fans would often dress up in the uniforms of their favourite characters while attending conventions long before the word Cosplay was probably even coined

Much of the rise of Cosplay owes a lot to Japan especially in the early 90s as popularity in Anime grew, we also saw growth in people dressing up as they attended Cosplay - wonderwomanconventions and events, their outfits becoming more elaborate and detailed as they strove to create the perfect role.

Today much many of the Cosplayers bring to life in their own way some of the biggest super hero blockbuster movies including the popular Avengers, X Men, Batman not forgetting low budget favourites like Dr Who.

For me the answer to the question 'what is Cosplay all about?' is pretty simple, its ordinary people having fun, making friends and painting the world with many colours – far more entertaining that some paints splashed on a canvas that sells for thousands of dollars!

This short article written by a new found fan of the genre, is just a precursor to bringing, we hope, to our readers in the coming weeks and months, much more about Cosplay, as Cosplayers share their words and pictures and open up a whole new world of wonders!!


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