DINNER Film Review All You Can Eat Comedy !

DINNER” is a horror-comedy short All

Aleksandra Svetlichnaya
Dinner is not your usual horror in fact it’s more of a spoof and considering it was made on a zero budget it has to be said it’s pretty darn good.

The storyline has us following Dylan as she heads out for the night, with the opening  scenes giving you the impression that this is a serious horror and for just those few minutes you think hang on maybe there is more to this film than meets the eye, but then……….. bang all seriousness goes out the window as Dylan played by  Aleksandra Svetlichnaya encounters Oscar (Joshua Kachnycz) and Hamilton (Ricardo Segarra ) two cosplayers dressed as a Vampire and a werewolf who engage in some shadow scuffling, while Dylan picks up one of the duo’s party invite!  Not to give much more away but pretty soon Dylan and for want of a better word the horrific duo are thrust in to some kickass fighting as they take on a zombie like being to cool backing music.


All in all this film short is well acted, well shot and a lot funny, considering it had no budget it’s a really good movie and well worth checking out not to mention its already caught the eye of Geekadelphia, PhillyVoice and Arrow’s James Bamford.  The cast and crew were even invited as guests to Wizard World Philly 2016 where they presented the film and discussed it during a live panel. “DINNER” is also an Official Selection at CON Film Festival, Philadelphia Geek Awards Film Fest, Diamond in the Rough Cut, Ozark Shorts, Philadelphia Film Society’s Philly Film Showcase and ScareLA.

So what are you waiting for go watch it now and keep an eye out for Breakfast !

Rating:  8/10

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