Dublin Comic Con 2016

With the dust well and truly settled on another very successful Dublin Comic Con, all that remains is to take a little look at some of the highlights! First off, let’s talk about the venue this year there was no change from last year, being held once again in the wonderful National Convention Center perfect since the Luas stops just a short distance away making it one of the easier cons to get to.  If I was to have a gripe it would be the heat in the place at times – it could be a little overbearing but with the large crowds and glorious sunshine outside I am not sure if there is anything they could really do about this.


I think, right from the off,  I should make a special mention to the cosplayers who literally seemed to be everywhere and without them most comic cons would be far more dull and a lot less colourful, as they stood for photo after photo always smiling, always willing to chat, long may we have cosplayers!

Now for the nitty gritty stuff- the first floor just like last year was jammed packed with vendors of every description from comics to make makeup artists.  If it had something to do with pop culture you could probably find it here, although at times getting around was a challenge in itself as the masses of con go’ers flowed like eager beavers and I found myself squeezing through the narrowest of gaps to grab one or two of the comics I had been looking for, but it has to be said everyone one was polite and everyone was happy!

dublin comic con

The second floor housed the Artist’s Alley and guest signings, along with the Wasteland Karnival pitched next to Plus College who were offering some really cool workshops and talks.   As for the guests, once again Dublin Comic Con had lined up a really good mix with such names as Scott Wilson (Walking Dead),Kevin Eastman (Co Creator of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), Jim Beaver (Supernatura), Robert Maschio  (Scrubs, Bones), Tom Wlaschiha (Game of Thrones),Brian Krause (Charmed),Leeann Hamilton (Comic Artist) and many more all of which had constant queues, the second floor was also the place to get your photo taken with your favourite guests, and from what I could see there was no shortage of takers.

Just around the side of the main hall on the second floor you could find the Games Room a little oasis of fun that offered far more than expected not only because of the some of the wonderful games on display but also the creators who chatted freely about their creations

harley quinn cosplaypoison ivy cosplay

As with most comic cons you end up revisiting areas more than once, in what I like to call con crazy  attempting to take in as much of the event as you possible can, always fearing you missed that special something which you normally have!   But in truth does it really matter, there is always next year but as for this year how would I sum it up?

Describing it as a little bit of magic in the sunshine just doesn’t do it, because it is much more!   It is one of the friendliest Comic Cons I have been to, with everything you come to expect from such events!  Roll on Dublin Comic Con 2017 because if it gets any better it’s going to burst and I mean that in a good way – happy cons guys.

Dont forget to check out all our photos from this years Dublin Comic Con at the links below or why not see how last years event was here




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