Dublin Comic Con 2018 Review

Dublin Comic Con Gets Better and Better

Dublin Comic Con once again opened its doors to the general public, this iconic pop culture event has become one of the highlights of the calendar for Irish con-goers alike.
There is little doubt that over the years the Dublin Comic Con has built up a reputation for quality and fun with this year’s event once again pushing those standards even higher.
cosplayerHoused has it has been for the last number of year at the fabulous Convention Centre with a guest line-up that included Lori Petty (Tank Gir, Orange is the new black), Nick Frost (Hot Fuzz, Paul), Michael Dorn (Star Trek) and Lochlyn Munro (Predator, Freddy vs Jason) to name a few.

But as we all know while the guests are the big attraction at these type of events there is so much more to comic cons with panels, gaming, artist alley and interactive sets just some of the things that add to the overall experiences with the interactive sets really adding some great photo opportunities.

Of course, no comic con event is ever complete without cosplayers and Dublin Comic Con has gained a bit of a reputation for having some of the best with of Captain Americas, Thors, Storm Troopers. Overwatch even Mr Bean made an appearance as the quality of cosplay just grows every year.
gamingFor those who like to pick up a few mementos of their visit, there was a huge hall just full of traders offering everything from Funko Pops to swords not to memtion plenty of treats from Japan.
IF you’re a regular to comic cons then your pretty much used to all of the above in fact it becomes almost an art navigate your way around, but for those who have never gone or maybe thinking of going to a con then Dublin Comic Con is one of the best events to wet your feet, its not to big as to be overwhelming but it’s also not to small as to think was that it etc, but for friendliness and organization you would be hard pushed to find a better comic con out there.

There are so many Comic Cons out there these days and more cropping up every year but this one never fails to impress and always a joy to attend.

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