Dublin Comic Con 2019

Last weekend I went to the spring edition of Dublin Comic Con, which to be fair is pretty much the same as their long running summer edition, except it is much colder!

At this year’s event there definitely seemed to be an increase in con goers even with the appalling windy weather, which did not distract from what was a great con, the guest list may not have been the best I have seen, but still James Marsters, Kevin Sorbo, Jonathan Frakes and Jason David Frank were notable attractions.

Dublin Comic Con 2019

But the guest at these types of events are just are really just the icing on the cake, in what has become a banquet of entertainment with interactive sets, panels, gaming escape rooms, trading hall and much much more.

The location as always was the fabulous Dublin Convention Centre where the reception area was a bustle of activity with large numbers cosplayers adding as always that touch of colour,  eagerly pursued by a posse  of photographers all trying to capture that allusive shot.

As for the con itself, much of it is laid out over a number of floors with plenty of escalators and lifts making it extremely easy to transfer between levels so there was no real queuing or delays.

One of the best parts of comic cons are the panels where you get a chance to take part and ask a few questions and this one had plenty of those such as Creating Star Trek Fleet Command, Writing for Comics and Revenge of the 80s Toys…… so much fun can be had at these, so if you are ever visiting a con, make sure you check out a panel or two.

Without rambling on too much, Dublin Comic Con has become one of the, if not the best Comic Con in Ireland, extremely well run and always entertaining.  I have yet to go away from one of their events unhappy, in fact I am always disappointed when it ends

Last word

If you enjoy comic cons then Dublin Comic Con is the place for you.


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