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Who is Dynamo The Magician?

“How did he do that”; or “OMG” are just two of the words you will often hear when the Magician known as Dynamo has just performed one of his tricks or illusions. Starting out as a street performer Dynamo is very much now a regular in the entertainment world having his own TV show Dynamo Magician Impossible on UK TV.

Steven Frayne aka Dynamo was born in 1982 and grew up in one of Bradford’s toughest and roughest areas, in the north of England. 

 Dynamo got his first taste of magic from his grandfather who taught the young Magician a trick or two in an attempt to fend of school bullies, which was an everyday occurrence! Living in an area where any sign of weakness singled you out for special treatment, meant that the young Dynamo, who suffered from Crohns disease an easy target!  The magic tricks worked but Dynamo was still ostracised from his peers, perhaps not bullied but now seen as different and weird, he spend many many hours in his bedroom practising the magic tricks, and learning new ones.  Entertaining his beloved Mum, who had Steven when she was just 16 years old, and his great Gran with his then fledgling genius!Seeking to use his talents to escape, the confines of  his deprived upbringing, the young Dynamo quickly realised he needed to add more to his show than just tricks so with the mixing of hip hop and dance into his act; word of the young entertainer’s feats began to spread, and his rise up the showbiz ladder was monumental, performing bigger and bigger gigs as well as becoming a regular at showbiz events for such notables as Coldplay, The Gorillaz and Prince Charles.

Achieving one of his greatest dreams in 2011 by getting his own TV show Dynamo Magician

Impossible debuted with an amazing feat whereby he walked across the River Themes in London, this of course propelled him in to the league of  David Blaine and other Super Class Magical Maestros’

Dynamo is your ‘working class boy makes good’ story but with an edge!!  He has that air of mystery and urban edginess while at the same time staying true to his roots.

Having won a host of awards including a Broadcaster Awards Best Entertainment Programme – for Magician Impossible, he was also promoted by the magicians society; The Magic Circle to the inner magic circle with silver star performance, adding to his already growing stature among the magic world.

From a young boy playing on the streets of Bradford, Dynamo is now one the UK’s brightest stars with an ever growing worldwide reputation and if you truly want to get a closer insight into one of the world’s rising stars, check out his autobiography aptly named ‘Nothing is Impossible’.






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