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Emma Bryant

We always like to catch up with what’s happening in the indie film world and this week we were lucky enough to spend some time chatting with lovely Emma Bryant whose appearance on Game of Thrones has certainly lead her on the road to an ever growing acting resume

Emma coming from the glamour entertainment world, how have you found the transition to mainstream acting? And do you feel there is still some stigma attached when you try out for parts?

I’ve actually been really lucky and haven’t really had any negative experiences regarding any previous lines of work (touch wood). I have previous acting experience anyhow which I could show to casting directors etc. I also was awkward as hell at modelling and have no issue with taking the micky out of myself, so I think people just feel at ease around me! There has only been one time where I feel someone’s attitude has changed towards me when I said I have shot for Playboy (Although I personally don’t think that’s a terrible thing to admit to, when you look at all the evil that happens every day in the world!

You have also moved into pranks having setup your own prankster YouTube channel, was this conscious decision or something you kind of just found yourself doing?glamour model

Definitely a conscious decision!! I have always wanted to perform in hidden camera pranks and was overjoyed when I eventually had the opportunity- From what I’ve seen, there are next to no female pranksters, so I guess this is why I have been talked about a fair bit in the media over the previous year!

Following on from the question above what’s the worst prank you have pulled and were there any repercussions?

I once found myself being detained by security at an art gallery in Central London for an hour because myself and another actor thought it would be funny to stick dildos to an assortment of items- Unfortunately the staff didn’t feel the same way, and after the entire floor being searched for damage, and a lecture on how immature and stupid we are, we were swiftly removed from the building with a warning to never return. Just to clarify- We made sure our hijinks didn’t endanger any of the artwork, and were fully aware of how precious and expensive a lot of it is!

Oh and I am also barred from a well known department store on Oxford Street for participating in a 50 Shades Of Grey parody in the furniture department- Just type “50 Shades Prank” into YouTube to find out why!

As most of us know you appeared in series 4 of Game of Thrones but you also had a part in the movie Filth, what was it like getting to work with James McAvoy as that seemed to be a pretty cool movie to be part of?

Unfortunately, I didn’t actually get the chance to meet James- My scene was shot separately to his, as I think a lot was filmed in Edinburgh and mine was in North London! I remember going to the cinema when I lived in Medway, Kent and asked if I could have some free Nachos or a hotdog as I was in the movie- I wasn’t granted permission, but I did receive lots of stares from members of staff every time I went there for quite some time after. I’m only in the film for a few minutes so highly doubt anyone recognised me, but I guess it’s not often someone walks in claiming to be a part of one of the biggest films that summer!

cosplayWhile on the subject of films I also hear you’re a big horror fan is this area you would like to pursue more acting roles in or do you prefer the lighter side of acting?

I definitely would love to be involved in the horror side of the film industry- In fact I have recently started working alongside Crypt TVUk as an actress and presenter, which I am thoroughly enjoying, and have just shot a comedy/horror virtual reality short for them! Ideally, I don’t want to fall into the innocent, vulnerable “Scream Queen” victim typecast (Not that there is anything wrong with that, I just have seen and heard about a lot of actresses continually being cast in those roles). I enjoy playing villainous characters more! I have a pretty fucked up imagination and very much enjoy meeting like minded others! Everyone I have met so far within the horror industry have been friendly, down to earth and non judgmental of others (Well as far as I’m aware, going on how I’ve been treated!)

I know you have also started writing for a local paper any plans to take this side of your career further? Possibly scripts or even a book?

Yes definitely! My writing has always been something I take pride in, and I have always planned to eventually bring out a book about my life and career. I was extremely happy when the local paper found me interesting enough to ask me to write for them! I have never actually written a script besides during my media/theatre studies in school but I would never say never as I do have a dark, vivid imagination, and sometimes an overly active mind- Speaking of having a dark imagination, I also adore the website Creepypasta.com and will be making my first attempt to write and submit a piece to them in the near future. I have a blog on my website (which is www.officialemmabryant.com by the way) where I post about all manner of topics, from angry drunk hippies to some bloke who rang me at 1am to tell me he had taken a shit- It’s all there and it’s all weird! On a more serious note, I also have a section on my site where I blog about my past experiences with domestic abuse and mental health. I’ve had some lovely feedback about these posts and it makes me feel really good to know that I may have helped others going through similar difficult times.

You are obviously a busy girl, can you give our readers a little insight to what projects you’re currently working on or are in the pipeline?

I have a whole load of cool stuff coming up over the next few months! I have recently been cast as leading roles by Crypt TVUK in two of their upcoming feature films which are due to be released early next year. I am not sure how much I am allowed to say at this point, but you will certainly know when they “drop” (I think that’s a somewhat cooler phrase and less repetitive phrase for “are released”). I am have also found myself performing in various content filmed in virtual reality/360 which I find very awesome and fun! I knew absolutely nothing about virtual reality until earlier this year, and now I am apparently one of the only actresses in the uk who is starring in it professionally! I have also just finished filming a small role in the third installment of the “Rise Of The Footsoldier” franchise, which was a great experience, and am also presenting a new online debate show later this month. I also plan to continue applying for as many auditions/castings as I can, as you never know what new opportunities may be around the corner- My career really is my life!

indie film actress

Just one more question Emma before we ask a few fun ones

What does the future hold for Emma Bryant, where do you see yourself in five years’ time?

For now I will continue pursuing my career until I have a stable income from acting/comedy etc, which I am pleased to say I don’t see myself being too far away from if I keep working hard! In five years I would love to feature on a hidden camera/comedy sketch show similar to Channel 4’s “Balls Of Steel”, or even have my OWN show! I will have established myself in the film industry, and of course I wish to continue being happy and healthy (Which I better still be in five years, given the amount I’ve been spending on healthy food/supplements/gym memberships etc!)

Now for some fun Questions

Do you own a pink pair of fully slippers or any fluffy slippers for that fact?

I don’t think I’ve ever owned a pair of pink slippers, but I am currently wearing a pair of leopard print Ugg slippers which were fluffy-ish when I first bought them, although I think the fluffiness has been worn out now!

Where in the world would you most like to visit and why?

I would love to visit Dubai as they have some of the best spas and health clubs in the world (If YouTube video reviews are anything to go by anyhow) and also because I adore Arabic food! I also would love to go to New York one day, and expect I will very soon as my boyfriend visits there often. I love Spain and pretty much everything about it- The weather, the food and the fact that the majority of people I have met whilst out there have been so happy and always seem to be having a good time…. I went to Sitges Film Festival earlier this year, and genuinely didn’t want to return to the uk!

Do you have any phobias such as heights or spiders?

I have minor fears of both the above, although recently become better at coping with spiders (Or “nopes” as I prefer to call them). I used to have an issue with heights, despite flying regularly, until recently I visited The Shard (Which I find hilarious by the way- long and weird story, but mainly due to the pronunciation of it’s name) and discovered I actually really enjoy the “high up” sensation. I have however recently developed a fear of sitting at the back of any cinemas, ever since some bloke in the last row decided to masturbate the entire way through Central Intelligence. THE ENTIRE TIME. Over Kevin Hart and The Rock. Seriously. Yes.

If you had to spend the night in a haunted house and could choose one person to be with you, who would it be? ( bf Sidney Malik is disallowed from this one J)

Probably not any of those paranormal investigator type people, as they would probably draw more supernatural activity to us with their weird, over the top assessments of the house. I guess I would chose one of my good friends as she always manages to make me laugh and feel calm in any situation!

What’s your favourite horror movie?

Definitely any the SAW films or the first installment of Insidious, but if I was going for something more light hearted I would probably say The Addams Family as it’s such a classic and I haven’t gotten bored of it yet, despite watching it at least 10+ times over the years!

What type of music do you like?

I love hip hop and upbeat dance music. I try to avoid angry music- One of my friends loves Bassline music, which to me mostly sounds like a load of repetitive lyrics about people getting drunk and beating each other

For More Information On Emma Please Check Out The Sites Below

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFqzJ4lcnK32YHbLghX7GTA

Website: www.officialemmabryant.com

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm7504167/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheEmmaBryant

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EmmaBComedy/

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