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While browsing  through the comics at my local store I came across Empress 1 now it should be said normally I could have easily passed this one by

thinking it would not be gritty enough for me, but something said ‘read me’ so that’s just what I did.

Written by Mark Millar the story takes place on Earth in a time so far back its almost futuristic, if that indeed makes any sense, where a wife seeks to escape a ruthless crazed husband, nothing new there you may think, but the twist in this is she’s a queen and he’s a tyrant ruler of all.

The storyline in itself is nothing new by today’s standards and could easily have been read from a daily newspaper except Mark Millar has created a universe and characters you are immediately drawn too, complimented by the rich artwork of Stuart Immonen that offers hints of his previous work on Star Wars creating a fast yet enthralled start to this first issue.

Mark Millar

Wade von Grawbadger takes care of the fine inking with Ive Svorcina adding the futuristic lights and shades as colourist.


As first issues go this is shaping up to be one of the best I have got recently , a simple story somehow given depth by a new twist and writing style with superb artwork I can’t wait for issue #2

Rating 8/10


Publisher ICON

Mark Millar – Writer
Suart Immonen – Artist
Wade Von Grawbadder – Inker
Ive Svorchina – Colourist
Nicole Boose – Editor
Rachael Fulton – Associate Editor

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