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Who doesnt love a decent MMORPG session? We are not sure, and we wont be asking that question in any more depth!  But more to the point 'who doesnt love a free MMORPG session'?  No-one we hear you yelling, so look no further, we have done some delving and listed all the free-to-play MMORPGs we can find (no claims that this is an exhaustive list!)

So, whether you are a seasoned gamer looking for a new challenge, or are currently working out what the hell MMORPG means (Massively-Multiplayer-Online-Role-Playing-Game), we are sure we have found something to suit without you spending a penny!


We have listed and reviewed the first ten we found (no favouritism just came up first!) – the rest are in genre lists.

We would love to add reviews of the games – if you are a player and would like to submit a review of any of the games listed – please email to features@kewelworld.com for inclusion.


Elsword is a fairly new free to play MMORPG which started life in Korea – the characters are all based on animé style graphics. Team up with other players to take on the evils of Elswood, or play against other players. You can choose to form a party or go it alone, taking your character through quests to go from a young adventurer to a battle ready hero.

Download specs

  • Windows only
  • Minimum requirement – Windows 2000
  • At least 2GB free on your hard drive.


Eden Eternal

A free offering from Aeria Games – Eden Eternal is a 3d cartoon fantasy game in which players help build towns – the graphics are fairly pretty and the combat works well.

Download specs

  • Windows only
  • Minimum system requirement – Windows 98
  • Video card – nVidia GeForce FX 5200 
or ATI Radeon 9600
  • At least 2GB free on your hard drive.


World of Tanks 

Choose from 160 tanks and vehicles to team up with other players and go into armoured warfare! This is a very well established and good looking game – its free to play, but has the feeling of a pay to play.

Download specs

  • Windows only



Another free to play MMPORG from Aeria Games – Shaiya is a fantasy MMORPG, the basis being a massive war between the forces of Light and Darkness. Choose either to quest for glory in solo or collaborative gaming, form guilds and groups to tackle the big boy monsters. Decent graphics make this a stylish looking game.

Download specs

  • Minimum requirements – Windows 7, XP, and Vista 32
  • Video card – GeForce FX class or ATI Radeon 9600 with 128MB of dedicated VRAM or better
  • 1.8 GB of HDD space, plus additional for new game content


Thirst of Night 

A flash based game which requires no download, so you can jump straight in, because of this, as you would expect, its fairly basic in its look and game play. Based in a world where the sun is no more, Thirst of Night is exactly what you would expect, vampires battling humans and other vampires – the advantage of this game, is that you can be playing within minutes!


Perfect World 

The God Pan Gu living an immortal life got bored of being alone and so decomposed his body into five elements-fire, metal, wood, earth, and water, and from this premise comes the game Perfect World – its a fantasy based game, choose your race, choose your side and fight it out, easy to play and learn it doesn’t break any new ground, but delivers a good gaming experience.

Download specs

  • Windows only
  • Minimum System Requirements – Windows 2000
  • Needs a 8GB free space on your hard drive


Forsaken World

Another offering from the same company as Perfect World – and another rather nice fantasy game, this time two gods Dyos and Nyos were the rulers of the universe etc etc……. again its easy to play and delivers, choose your race, choose your side and fight it out, smooth game play and high quality graphics.

Download specs

  • Windows only
  • Minimum System Requirements – Windows 2000
  • Needs a 8GB free space on your hard drive


The Settlers Online – Castle Empire

A browser game requiring no download, the gameallows you to “build your own medieval kingdom online”, grow and trade your own produce. As you explore the kingdom you will battle enemies and foes, others can invade your own little empire and you must protect it, as with all in browser games there is nothing like the level of complexity, but its rather fun, and easy to play, the ability to be playing in minutes adds to the game's appeal – its real coffee break stuff!


Battlestar Galactica Online 

Based on the most recent television series this sci-fi space game from SyFy Games and Bigpoint, lets you choose your battle; in the ongoing war between the humans and the Cylons– nice graphics and if you love a space craft based shoot em up – you will love this game (we did!). This is a no download browser game, but you will need to download a app to be able to then play the game, it offers superior graphics to most browser games.


Fantasy – free to pay games

Golden Age – Aeria Games 

Drakensang Online – Bigpoint

Atlantics – Nexon

Crystal Saga – Aeria Games

Last Chaos – Aeria Games

Jade Dynasty – Perfect World

Rohan Blood Feud – YNK Interactive

War of the Immortals – PerfectWorld

Talisman – Miracle Castle Ltd

Crystal Saga – Aeria games

Lord of Ultima – EA Games

4Story – Zemi

King of Kings 3 – Lager Network Technologies Inc

Cabul – ESTSoft

Dragons of Atlantis – Kabam

Conquer Online

Shin Megami Tensei online – Atlus online


SuperHero free-to-play

Urban Rivals 2008 – Fupa Games

Champions Online –  Perfect World


Anime Style free-to-play

Grand Fantasia – Aeria Games

Iris Online – gPotato

Luvinia Online – Outspark


Sci Fi free-to-play

Repulse –  Aeria games

Dark Orbit – Bigpoint

Star Trek Online – Perfect World

S4 League – Alaplaya

Wolf Team –  Aeria Games

Edgeworld – Kabam


No Download Browser free-to-play

Call of Gods – Aeria Games

Tribal Wars – InnoGames

The Settlers Online – Ubisoft

Dark Orbit – Bigpoint

1100AD – Amber Games

Crystal Saga – Aeria games

Evony – Regan Mercantile


Sports free-to-play

Golfstar – Gamigo

Football Superstars – CyberSports Limited

Shot Online – OnNet USA

Need for Speed World –  Electronic Arts Inc

World Golf Tour – WGT


Historical free-to-play

Godfather Five Families  – Kabam Games

Dynasty Warriors Online –  Aeria Games

Battlefield Heroes – EA

The Settlers online.com – Ubisoft

Tribal Wars – InnoGames

Loong Dragonblood – Gamigo

1100AD – Amber Games

Evony – Regan Mercantile

Bounty Bay – Frogster Online Gaming


Modern/Warfare free-to-play

DD Tank –  Aeria Games


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