Far from faith Comic Book Review “art doesn’t get any better”

far from faith

Having picked up the three issues of Far From Faith at the MCM Dublin Comic Con in August, I eventually got some time to read and review these comics.

Starting out as a Kickstarter campaign this lavishly produced series was create by Adam-James Foulkes (writer) and Lynne Triplett (artist) under the Brambletyne banner

The story itself basically revolves around three characters and a very secret government organisation B, Mr Bailey and Helen Wisse who after the death of her boss suddenly finds herself evaluating the said secret department headed Mr Bailey whose dark past and hidden secrets make his very motives questionable as he persuades Helen to keep the funding going.


It’s while visiting the department base that she comes across B a rather disturbed and peculiar young girl, who was born and raised in the facility never stepping foot outside with Mr Bailey acting as her only charge and confidant.

While this is classed as a sci-fi comic there is little doubt there is a whole mystery thriller feel to the storyline with all the characters being extremely well written, if anything the only minor irk I found was that at the start it can be a little confusing as it jumps around, but trust me the more you read of this series the better it gets with the real glue being the wonderful artwork of Lynne Tripplet – it really is just fantastic.

MCM Comic Con

Overall I really liked this comic; its well written, great artwork, finished to a very high standard and for an indie it’s well capable of giving the major players a run for their money.


Last words ”BUY IT” and if you’re at MCM Comic Con London in October go say hello to the guys at Brambletyne – really nice people and very passionate about their work.

Website: http://www.brambletyne.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BRAMBLETYNE








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