Its Festival Season – what you need in your old kit bag!

At Kewelworld, we like nothing better than knowing the summer is coming and therefore so is the yearly round of music festivals! Really? I hear echoed about, “you Kewelworld guys go to festivals? You actually step out from behind from your monitors and go to festivals?

To which of course you will hear hysterical laughter…."of course we don’t, however we do love watching the news reports of the muddy fields and the great hoards of camping 'haven’t washed for days' festival goers, knee deep and sometimes thigh deep in mud! Nothing makes us slither behind our monitors quicker than the thought of a porta loo big curry loving Dave from Reading used fiBut for those of you who will be packing up their troubles in an old kit bag and heading off to a festival or two this summer, we have used our online creds to find you the very best stuff to pack in that old kit bag!

If you want a one stop shop then there kits already put together, containing the essentials you need….

From Intelligent PelicanThe Essential Gap Year, Backpacking & Festival Kit

For £125 this complete kit can be bought making sure you are very well set up for what a festival has to throw at you, the kit contains:

  • Universal Plug
  • Charger (keep that phone, tablet or other device charged!)
  • Sleeping bag liner
  • Padlock and cable
  • Travel Towel
  • Headlamp

Comes in a handy silk waterproof bag!

Here is what Intelligent Pelican say…..

“The Intelligent Pelican travel kit is a tried and tested collection of 6 essential items for gap year travellers, backpackers and festival goers. We’ve created a stylish and practical way to improve your travelling experience. We’ve developed the comfort, durability and security aspects of each item for unwavering performance. With the finest quality materials and technical design, the Intelligent Pelican survival kit is lightweight (only 990g), durable and ethically manufactured.”

Find the kit HERE


Touch Of Ginger Urban Survival Range Festival Weekend Essentials Kit

On the other side of the spectrum, for just £9.95, this kit promises to contain everything needed to ensure your festival experience is memorable!

The kit contains:

  • Glow stick
  • Energy slab
  • Condom
  • Sun cream
  • Mints
  • Ear plugs
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Deodorant wipe
  • Refreshing wipe
  • Plasters
  • Emergency tissues

Here is what Touch of Ginger say:

“You just never forget classic rock concerts which is strange when you consider how uncomfortable they can be. Next time you go to Glastonbury, don't forget to pack our Festival Kit along with your wellies.

Touch of Ginger was launched in 2000 with the ambition to create a new brand of innovative giftware and almost 10 years down the line, we have picked up many awards for our products. Everything we do is designed and manufactured in the UK and we use recycled materials wherever possible. So buying from Touch of Ginger will not only give you the warm feeling of buying fantastic gifts, it will also go some way to help the environment.



The thing that turns off many of us from being avid festival is the 'toilet' arrangements so why queue to use that porta loo that Dave just did?

The ShitBox, the Cardboard Crapper (or for those more delicate among us the Ploo!!)- is a cardboard pop-up loo, which comes with a handy duffle bag for easy carrying about, as well as 10 biodegradable poop bags for, well basically for doing your poop in and then disposing of in a responsible manner!

Designed for campers and festival goers, or simply those who may be caught short, the ShitBox also comes in a smaller version for those younger of us named the “Little Jack”. For about £15.00, you too can own a ShitBox, and know you have the freedom to poop anywhere…..

For the more discrete folks out there, the Travel John Disposable Urinal (3 pack), offers a solution to crossing those legs!

What Travel John say:

“Travel John is a life saver… when you need to go to the restroom and there is a queue, or none available, use Travel John, a convenient disposable urinal that is easy to use. Ideal for in the car, at festivals, on holidays. The gel crystals absorb 800 ml and become solid. No leaking.”

At just £5.27 for a pack of three, these might just be a life saver!

Not forgetting the ladies, for who its a whole more complicated ball game – the Sheewee levels the pee playing field!

What Sheewee say:

“The portable urinating device for women allows women to urinate whilst standing and without removing clothes. Great for camping, walking, skiing, climbing, traffic jams, travelling, unhygienic public toilets & much more. No more uncomfortable squatting or bare bottoms!

Cleaning: Urine is sterile as it leaves the body- so you don’t have to clean your Shewee after every use. However, Shewee can be cleaned by machine or hand and withstands temperatures of up to 120°C.”

Priced at a not too bad £6.00.

Food at festivals can be astonishingly expensive, and as astonishingly bad, so add a few disposable bbqs to your list (we ain't showing them you can buy them anywhere for as little as £1.99), and some grub you can sizzle on them…

But you will need of course, something to keep those bangers cool, and more importantly the beer nice and chilly.

Bring on the coolbox!

We have two for you, one at either end of the price spectrum:

The Coleman 70 QT Xtreme Cooler is about £99.99 and offers up to 5 days worth of cold! And with a 66.2L capacity can hold up to 98 cans (of fizzy pop)!

It is available in plenty of places, we found it on, and here is what they say:

“Perfect for a family at the campsite, these sturdy coolers are in it for the long haul – thanks to their thick walls and high performance PU insulation they keep ice cold for up to 5 days, even in temperatures of 32ºC.

  • Capacity 66.2L
  • Holds 98 cans
  • Hinged lid with beverage holders
  • Two way handles for flexible easy carrying
  • Deep drink holders in lid
  • Rustproof, leak resistant channel drain for no-tilt easy draining
  • Convenient no-tilt draining
  • Made with environmentally friendly Thermozone™ insulation
  • Thermozone™ insulation contains no CFCs, HFCs, and HCFCs.
  • Dimensions: 74 cm x 37 cm x 46 cm (LxWxH)”

Find it HERE

If you are serious about your festivals and serious about drinking your beer cold and keeping those sausages good enough to eat, then this is the cooler for you!

On the other side of the spectrum we have the Coleman 5 QT Cooler, which at just £14.99 (from – other sites may vary), offers a cost effective way to keep the essentials from getting toooo warm.

We again found this coolbox on, and they say:

“A tremendously lightweight and portable cool box, the Coleman 5QT Cooler is ideal for small picnics, solo fishing trips, festivals and trips to the beach.  With a flip lid that can double up as a serving tray and a cooling performance of up to 9 hours (tested with separately sold Freez’Packs) – this Coleman 5QT Cooler is a compact little beauty.  The comfortable over-handle and the feather like weight of 727g ensures that this Coleman 5QT Cooler is easy to carry and transport.

  •  4.7 Litre capacity
  • Large & comfortable over-handle
  • Flip lid that can also double up as a serving tray
  • Cooling performance: 9 hours (tested with separately sold Freez’Packs)
  • Insulation: PU Foam
  • Material: HDPE/PP
  • Size: 26 x 19 x 18cm
  • Weight: 727g”

You will need cool blocks to add to this box to keep your items coolest for longest, and you can find these pretty much anywhere for a few quid upwards!

Find this cool box HERE


Lets accept, that it is probably going to rain……


We found a site called…. the name says it all, these are people who have accepted the inevitable…..

We picked out our favourite items:

Hi Gear Waterproof Poncho – its yellow, it costs £3,58 and you throw it overself in a dramatic fashion when the skies open – need we say more?

HappyMud say:

“Stay dry in a downpour, whatever you're wearing.

Ideal for those emergencies when you get caught in the rain without a jacket, the Hi Gear Poncho simply throws on over whatever you're wearing for instant waterproof protection.

Great for festivals, matches, or any time you may need rain protection but can't carry a coat.”

Find it HERE 


Giraffe Onsie

Who says it all has to be about the rain? When the sun does come out, nothing says avid music lover like a giraffe onsie!

At £44.99, its not cheap, but if you are intent on making a festival statement then perhaps worth it! say:

“Giraffe in brown and white with stubby little giraffe horns and a pear-drop shaped tail.

Our Onsies are meant to be baggy – this makes them really comfy and looks hilarious. They have been specially designed to fit adults and big kids alike. So don’t worry, whether your 5ft or over 6ft tall, a Kigu will easily fit you. One size fits all! Measure 65cm across the chest from pit to pit and 110cm from neck to crotch."

Find it HERE 


Back to the rain – and a good sturdy pair of wellies has to be packed, being over the age of 30, we love anything with the word Dunlop on it!

Dunlop Pricemastor Wellingtons

These wellies are £11.99 and do exactly as a pair of wellies should, it would be somewhat condensing of us to explain what a wellie does, so lets let do it instead (not really their description assumed wellington knowledge!:

“A standard welly to keep you dry and safe in wet, muddy and dirty situations.

The Dunlop Pricemastor Wellingtons are all-purpose standard wellies, that will keep wet and mud off.

Resistant to various acids, bases disinfectants, manure and various chemicals.”

In both men's and women's versions – you can find them HERE


…….and finally, when the day is done, and the sun is setting you will need somewhere to rest your weary head…. is another website offering the discerning festival goer a one stop shop for all their needs. We have chosen two of their tents:

The first is a pricey number, at £189 the Gelert Cabana 4 Festival Tent – Wave Dimension, is not for those a tight budget, but it does sleep four and is full height and with its interesting shape you will be able to find it among the rows and rows and rows of tents when stumbling about 3.20 am!

Funky Leisure say:

“We love the Cabana 4 tent from Gelert with an almost medieval feel to it and now available in the new Wave Dimension design – it’s still one of the coolest tents around for 2012!

The Cabana 4 has a spacious walk in height interior and the tent living area can comfortably accommodate a table and chairs or an after show party in bad weather.  The inner tent sleeping compartment is also a good size with a fabric screen dividing it in two, this tent will comfortably sleep 4 adults with space for chairs, bags, festival trolley’s etc… The Cabana 4 is also very easy to pitch… just lay it out, peg it down and push the main pole up in the centre.

The 2012 Cabana 4 in the new Wave Dimension design not only looks cool, it’s really simple to put up and is really spacious – festival in comfort and stand out in that festival camping field.


  • Quick & easy to pitch
  • Integrated bedroom for additional warmth and comfort
  • Large living area
  • Ground level and roof ventilation
  • Fully sewn in groundsheet to keep out unwanted bugs and drafts
  • Pre-attached guylines aid pitching
  • Darker inner tent for a better sleep”

Find it HERE 

2 Man Festival Camping Pack

The second on our tent list comes in at a deceiving £79.99, because for that price you get a two man kit consisting of a two man tent, two sleeping bags, and either two sleeping mats or a double inflatable mattress. So everything you need in one shabang! Would be hard to find a better price for the three items purchased separately. say it better than us:

“Our 2 Man Festival Camping Pack is a combination of three absolute festival camping essentials – tent, roll mat/airbed and sleeping bag. Unlike other festival camping packs, made up of the cheap products that probably won’t last the weekend, we have focused on quality kit which you can use at festivals for years to come. This 2 man pack contains high-quality camping basics you’ll need for a festival weekend in one pack with a saving of £8.98 off our already discount prices and £29.99 off the RRP than when bought separately!”

Find the kit HERE 


So, kitted out, you can head off to a muddy field near you and come home smelly and exhausted two days later (after enjoying some great music of course and making some even better memories!)!

Not sure what festival to go to? will help you out!



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