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Fifty Shades of Grey, the book which has turned BDSM/D/s into water cooler chatter, has also had an effect on the Fetish Model world, the popularity and interest in which never been more inquisitive.

So we sat down for a chat with UK based Fetish Model Pinky, who is herself just starting out in the business, to try and get the low down on what makes a successful Fetish Model.


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Pinky, whose styles and looks range from a vanilla snow goddess to a sex slave kitten is a twenty-five year old hair stylist by trade from Bedfordshire, addicted to cheese and coffee, she lives her two year old son and a bearded dragon named Barry. She admits to having a potty mouth, hating odd socks and eating far too many Chewitts!

With the introductions out the way, we peppered Pinky with questions!

How did you get started in modelling and more particular the fetish side of things?

It's something that I have always wanted to do, but life always got in the way. My sister (quite randomly) got into the adult industry and I figured 'hell if she can do it, so can I!' So I applied to Suicide Girls [link] and was accepted, but I decided to leave that route and have concentrated on going it alone.

Fetish is always something that I have been interested in (especially latex). At the end of June this year, I went for a week's shoot in France and focussed heavily on fetish work. With the images I came back from that shoot with, I fired up a lot of fetish interest. I have made a very good and close friend within the fetish industry who guides and coaches me through my current path. I'm sure in years to come, I will have a lot to thank him for and will probably also fund his counselling for having to deal with me so regularly!!!

Do other styles of modelling interest you or are you concentrating mainly on the fetish side?

I could never be a pretty pretty long blonde model, apart from anything else my boobs are the size of peanuts!! So I guess I will always be on the darker side of things, be it tattooed chicks, fetish, etc.

Are you signed to an agency or do you look after you own bookings and promotional side of things, becoming a doyenne of self publicity? One quick Google search reveals the competition is vast in numbers.

I am not signed, no. I have been offered, but I don’t want to be restricted just yet. Like I previously mentioned, I do have a manager of sorts, he is very well informed and is helping me to make excellent advances within my chosen field. I think having somebody who knows the area is far more useful than somebody who deals with a huge area such as modelling. Fetish is specialist and I need an expert to guide me! Yes, the competition is great, but there are very few decent models advertising themselves as sub (submissive), there's a huge gap for that. Plus with Fifty Shades of Grey so huge at the moment, the mainstream world is begging for fetish models, it just doesn’t know it yet!!

What part do you think the internet and the online world play in success, it would seem unthinkable to not have a website or an online presence?

Nowadays, yes totally unthinkable! My Twitter account and following are essential and they are all fantastic. I've gone up by 2,500 follower in the last three weeks alone and that is purely from self-promotion and my lovely peeps sharing the Pinky love!! They are all completely awesome and I thank everyone of them for their reTweeting magic.

What do you think makes a successful model? Looks, attitude or does the media play its part?

I think they all play off of each other, yes looks are important, it would be silly to say otherwise, but who wants a pretty face that you cant have a chat with about stupid stuff?

How hard is it to make a living being a model these days with so many girls vying for the same kind of exposure? You are blatantly not mainstream, so is there a career to be made, in a somewhat niche market?

Fetish has just been launched into the mainstream, it’s the right time to try and get out there. If I don’t do it, somebody else inevitably will. I'm not mainstream, no. But I always say – aim for the moon and if you miss you will land amongst the stars. Its ready to be taken, I'm going to put every part of my little pink soul into it being me, and fingers crossed, a career will be there for me. If not, then I will carry on snipping hair!!

Have you ever thought branching out in to any other careers such as acting?

I wanted to act when I was little, I'm a complete drama queen, self confessed! But again, it’s a very dog eat dog industry and my image may limit me somewhat, I don’t want to be an extra, I want to be the main attraction.

Has the porn industry side of things ever attracted you or are you strictly glamour and fetish?

Fetish of course comes under adult, but no, straight porn doesn’t interest me. I'll leave that to my lovely sister!! Kink and fetish are far more interesting and challenging, I enjoy it far more.

What's the craziest photo shoot you have had to do?

I took a piss out of a third floor mill door in the South of France; and climbed to the top of a building in Holborn, in 8.5” fetish boots…..

Has being a model hindered the dating side of things,i.e. a tendency to read things in to how you look from a photo shoot to real life?

Haha, Right now I'm a bit too busy to date. But I'm sure that if it ever came to it, there would be an element of “hey, you don’t look perfect!!”.

No I don’t, and I also like my pyjamas and cheese toasties, next!!!”

We finished off asking Pinky a few just for fun questions, just cos we always do!

If you were stuck on a Desert Island by yourself, which one object would be your must have?

My magic wand!! Can I have some solar panels, too, please?

Which cartoon character best describes you?

Tigger, over excitable, great intentions, slightly clumsy but cute and lovable… Pahahaha

What’s the first thing you would buy if you were given a Million Pounds?

A house. Then I would invest in my sons future. He is after all, the reason for everything I do.


If you fancy seeing the lighter shade of Pinky then head on over to RazberryJuice, where you will find the girl next door, Doing it Pinky style.  


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