Filmmaker Zane Hershberger 80’s Style Action/Thriller Force Fear

Pennsylvanian (U.S.A.) based filmmaker Zane Hershberger is set to make his feature directorial debut with 80’s style indie action thriller FORCE TO FEAR.

FORCE TO FEAR is a retro style film that mashes a slasher idea with a violent, action/revenge/thriller. It takes place in an abandoned school, close to Halloween, as different individuals (with different sinister agendas) converge on a closed down school house and the rest of the night becomes a bloody game of survival of the fittest.
Force FearMr Hershberger had this to say about the film: “Growing up watching films like ‘Savage Streets’, ‘Night School’, and the 1987 Australian film ‘Dangerous Game’ inspired me to make my own action/thriller. My co-writer Chad Bruns (who is also set to star in FORCE TO FEAR) and I wanted a story that keeps the audience guessing the whole time and throws some curve balls in there as well. I think we’ve delivered what we think a midnight movie crowd would want with this story.”
Zane Hershberger
Zane’s previous work includes being involved in various capacities on over five
feature length films. Directorial work includes retro horror short film “Trespassers” (which is featured on anthology release “10/31”), and past cinematography work includes Justin M. Seaman’s festival favourite “The Barn”.

FORCE TO FEAR is currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo. Find out more about the film here:

Official synopsis:
Two kidnappers, a dealer, a group of college kids, and a killer converge in an abandoned school. Once they cross paths, chaos ensues, and it’s a race to survive the night.

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