Five Gadgets You Cant go another minute without!

Gadgets Gadgets Gadgets — What's the point in even paying for a broadband connection if we cant all waste our time looking at and purchasing gadgets we cant possibly live without!

We have found our top five favourites from the current offerings!!

Here they are in list form, because as we all know, everyone loves a list!



1. After spending far too many years with a Gameboy attached to our hands, anything to do with Tetris lulls us into a sense of security and happiness so the Tetris Light is a absolute must.  A celebration of one of the greatest computer games of all time, the Tetris Light can be built into many different shapes, with the blocks lighting up when they touch. Its the lamp you can redesign at any time! Celebrate your gamer credentials with this funky light!


Price £29.00

We found the Tetris Light at

(NB: this product comes with a UK 3 pin plug)


2. USB Cup Warmer – yes its a oldie in the gadgety stakes, but its also an essential for anyone finding themselves spending far toomuch time at a computer (all of us then!), this one is relatively cheap and promises to keep your beverage warm for as long as you like, with a simple on/off switch, there will be no need for cold coffee ever again.

Price £8.99

We found it at



3. Two things that you wont necessarily put together are water and your computer, your computer and water, a usb connection and water, a light, Clock, pen holder, fish, water, and your computer! But luckily for us all someone else has…..the USB Fishquarium it truly is a little fish tank that you pop into a spare and willing USB slot where it will run happily, fish are not supplied, but a plastic plant and gravel is, but as if a fish tank (with a low voltage pump and under-gravel filtration system) wasn’t enough this little beauty also features multicolour interior lights, nature sounds, an LCD calendar, alarm clock with snooze, an adjustable overhead light and a penholder (calendar and alarm take 3 AAA batteries not supplied), (interior – 14 cm x 9 cm x 12 cm/exterior – 24 cm x 9 cm x 14 cm).  – if you can find a link to an UK supplier – please do furnish us with it.


Price $39.99

We found the USB Fishquarium at Amazon



4. App Toyz Remote Control iPhone Helicopter. This isn’t the only helicopter app for the iPhone out there, but the App Copter comes with an actual remotecontrol helicopter, which turns your iPhone into a remote control so you can really fly the helicopter! Plug into the headphone jack on your iPhone or iPod Touch to turn it into a remote control helicopter system ever.

The App Copter has an 8 metre flying range and a built in speaker with an array of sound effects. You can recharge the App Copter via USB so no need for batteries!

(NB: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, 4 and iPod touch 4th Gen)

Price: £49.00

We found the App Toys Remote Control iPhone Helicopter at



5. The Trekbot – Deskpet. This hubless micro-robotic racer that will zip about the room doing stunts, all controlled by you. The Trekbot is powered up via the 5 function USB Remote Control, it can roll and twist and speed about. As it has no central hub the Trekbot self-stabilises and can loop on it's own axis. It charges up via the USB remote, so no need for batteries.

Price £19.95

We found the Trekbot at



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