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World of Tanks

Being an avid gamer whether I am on my Xbox or computer I don’t think there has ever been a better time when there are so many free online games to play and I am not talking your low quality shoot-em ups but many of these games offer the complete MMO experience ranging from building your own empire to taking to the skies in a full on air warfare shoot out against other players.

I have been playing World of Warcraft for so long now I kind of judge every MMO game by that figuring Blizzard set the standard that all other games had to follow, in its day it offered the best game play and user interaction around, yes today it may be lacking a little but it is still right up there with the best of them.

So feeling the urge to try something new I figured I would see what freeworld of tanks games were out there, not wanting yet to spend a fortune on a game I would end up not playing “been there got the t-shirt” as I am sure many of us have I decided to look at what MMO’s were out there having heard some good things about the World of Games I decided theirs would be my first place of call.

First up from the stable is World of Tanks, a massive multiplayer online game (MMO); these types of games are based on a payment model called Freemium which basically means you get to play the game for free but you also have the option of purchasing more advanced features in game.

World of Tanks places you in the seat of a World War 2 vehicle offering some full on player-v-player game play with a large emphasis placed on team play which in my opinion really adds to the game.

free to play world of tanksThe whole game is played across many different battle fields pitting your team against others made up of players from around the world, using a tier system that you climb by gaining experience and money which is later used to fund  better equipment, from the moment you climb into your first tank you get the feel of clunkyness giving that very really feel of driving a tank – its physical weight and manoeuvrability all come into play and yes you start off with on Tier1 which means you have the weakest tanks going so don’t expect to last too long as you learn the ropes, but the more you play the better you will get and once you have enough experience you will unlock the next tier allowing for much better tanks.

There is a lot to like about World of Tanks, the fact that it is free to playworld of tanks means you lose nothing by taking it for a test run, but that’s not all there are a few things that make this game worth playing not least the game play and graphics, there is also a really thriving modding community which all add to stamping your own personality on the game.

World of Tanks is not some historical master piece but more about fun and getting one up on your opponents, a little tip to remember using good cover will often give you the upper hand as you target the enemies tanks weak spot.

Good game play, plus good graphics and its free – what more could you ask for?  World of Tanks is well worth a play, if you are looking for some pretty decent player-v-player bashing
play world of tanks

I am already taking a look at another free offering from World of Games – so don’t forget to check back and give us your views on any games out there which you feel have something to offer.

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