Frictional Games Releases New SOMA Trailer

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SOMA launched on September 22nd for PC and PS4 to the frightened delight of horror fans everywhere. Today, Frictional Games is releasing a new trailer highlighting some of the game’s terrifying moments with reactions from the press.

In a new blog post, Frictional Games discusses some of the details of SOMA’s launch, including sales and their opinion of the game’s reception. Some highlights include:
– 92,000+ copies sold across all platforms after one week. Amnesia: The Dark Descent sold 30,000 in the first month.
– Their thoughts on comparing the horror-styles of SOMA and the Amnesia games.
– The difficulty of marketing SOMA without spoiling or misrepresenting it.
Frictional Games

From Frictional Games, creators of Amnesia: The Dark Descent, SOMA is a sci-fi horror game that questions our concepts of identity, consciousness, and what it means to be human.

SOMA is available for $29.99 on PS4 via the PlayStation Store, and for PC (Windows/Mac/Linux) via digital distributors including Steam,, and Humble Store.

For more about SOMA:


Title: SOMA
Developer: Frictional Games
Publisher: Frictional Games
Genre: Sci-fi Horror
Platforms: PC (Windows/Mac/Linux), PS4
Release Date: September 22, 2015
Price: $29.99 (USD)

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