Our Top five Stocking Fillers

Four weeks to Christmas!  It is not a date that is universally celebrated, but we thought it sounded like the perfect time for a list!  Everyone loves a list right?  And when you add together a list, and some gadgetry – we would wager you are onto the territory of list perfection.

So we bring you our top five stocking fillers – the stuff that we just want, for no reason more than that someone made it – and it looks a bit cool!

Wanna buy a Kewel gift for a Kewel Worldian (yes, we really do call ourselves that – well we don’t really…but roll on independence, that’s what I say!) then one of these little doozies will be met with a chorus of hurrah (more than likely it would actually be ‘thanks mate’, but you get the idea)!

Starting with the rather obvious, but nonetheless rather excellent and very useful looking – Bottle Opener Fridge Magnet.  There has, been a few moments since coming across this particular addition to the list, when it has been wondered how we have actually managed to live so many years (and for some, there are more years clocked up than others!), without having this in our permanent essential life arsenal!

We found it on Thegreatgiftcompany.com and they say:

"Put an end to searching around for a bottle opener – stick this super strong magnetised stainless steel Bottle Opener on the fridge (or other magnetic surface)

The Bottle Opener Fridge Magnet measures approx H 20cm x W 12.5cm"

Priced at £16.00 (standard delivery within the UK is £4.95) – you can find it HERE.


With no possible purpose beyond being able to stand back, look up and say 'yeah neat', this is an essential gift for anyone who has everything, or wants for nothing.  Fun and rather stranglely cute the Remote Control Space Man will offer up at least 30 mins of fun and if you are lucky a full 60 mins of laughter and comments upon the neatness of the thing!

We found it on Presentsformen.co.uk and they say:

"Fitted with a balancing pole and propellers, this little Remote Control Space Man moves weightlessly over any object you choose.

Simply use the remote control to steer him up in the air, down to the ground, or left and right.

20-30 minutes of charging provides about 6 minutes flight time.

6 x AA batteries not included.

13cm high.

Age 14+."

Priced at a rather reasonable £14.99 (standard delivery within the UK is £3.99) – you can find it HERE.


There is always room for the Doctor and quite frankly who has not thought that tea with a Dalex might be a interesting prospect, this print called  Would You Care For Some Tea? 'Dalek' Print by Wink Design is fun and would look great (we think) on almost any wall.

We found it on Notonthehighstreet.com and they say:

"This fun graphic 'Dalek' Robot print will make a great birthday gift for men or boys who are fans of a certain science fiction series!

This decorative art print is based on the popular tv sci-fi series and features a large graphic style 'Dalek' balancing a teacup with a quote from the series: "Would you care for some tea?". The background has a subtle all-over 'DW' pattern. This print will delight men and boys alike. (For the hardened fans amongst you, the quote comes from 2010, Season 5, Episode 3!)"

Priced at just £16.50 (with free standard delivery), we think it is a earth invading good deal – you can find it HERE


Rather sneaky, but extremely cool, there is a good chance that you will imagine yourself having a conversation with Q each time you use this Spy Pen – HD Video Camera.  It wont make you any friends, and could get you in trouble, but well there are times when we all wish we could have filmed this, that or the other, and now you can!  Plus it actually works as a pen! 

We found it on Iwantoneofthose.com and they say:

"If Bond had this gadget we don't think it'd be far from his grasp, sitting casually in his jacket pocket ready to whip out whenever the situation required it. The beauty of the Spy Pen is that you can be a sleuth without anyone suspecting you are doing anything other than writing! When in fact, you will be recording both audio and visual evidence to gather against any suspected foul play.

The Spy Video Camera Pen is the first high definition Spy Camera pen. Simply insert a TF or micro SD card and shoot movie footage in 720 x 480 resolution with full colour and sound. When not using the spy camera, the pen is a good quality biro that can be used – great disguise!!

Priced at £24.99 (with free delivery) – you can find it HERE

Is your bedside table crying out for a little bit of a retro game makeover?  if the answer to that question is a resounding YES, then this the PacMan GhoseLamp  has been made with you YOU exactly in mind.  PacMan holds a dear dear place in our hearts, and to see one of those little ghosty fellas everytime you wake up, the warm slushy feelings would abound, add to this 16 colours, and flash, strobe, fade and smooth effects and this lamp gets a massive thumbs up!

We found it on Menkind.co.uk and they say:

"How could we forget Pac-man – the epoch making video game from the 1980s! Now-days any self respecting gamer would probably find the game tame and a trifle silly, however you can still re-live your childhood memories of the classic game or influence a new generation with this Pacman Ghost Lamp

It illuminates 16 different colours with various glowing options such as Flash, Strobe, Fade and Smooth and can all be controlled from the comfort of a lounge chair or bed via the included remote control. The glowing ghost makes a fantastic mood lamp for the lounge or night light for a child's bedroom. A fantastic house warming gift for the mad gamer – ideal novelty light for the university student living in digs or halls."

Priced at £34.99 (standard delivery is £3.95) – the PacMan Ghost Lamp is at the top our Christmas list, and you can find it HERE




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