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There comes a time in every online's magazine's life when the gadget list must be employed and that time Dear Readers has, for KewelWorld, come again.  Man (and Woman) can only go so long without enriching his life with items of technology and gadgetry that he can henceforth no longer live without.

We have trawled, tried and tested and found 2013's most uneeded and yet possibly desired low(ish) cost gadgets around.

But a word of caution, and warning, as you go through this article you will find yourself beginning to wonder how you did actually manage to survive quite so long without this assorted and many flavoured gadgetry.

 ColourJets USB Dancing Water Speakers (for PC, Mac, MP3 Players, Mobile Phones inc. iPhone & Tablets)


Dont just listen to your music – watch your music, all via the power of the USB.  No extra power is needed to set these little speakers into action, just plug em in, set the music going and sit back and watch.

Available on Amazon, from iBoutique….this is what they say about them:

  • The original dancing water speakers – they dance to your music!
  • Stunning LED light dancing visual water display
  • Powered entirely by your device using USB
  • Compatible with any device with a 3mm earphone output
  • The best sound 8W! & brightest light ouput guaranteed.

At £25.99 with free delivery in the UK, we are thinking perfect Christmas present!


TV Universal Remote Control Pillow Cushion

The remote control you wont lose down the side of the sofa!  This soft plush cushion has a universal remote control built into it – so whilst you are lounging on the sofa watching the telly, you can stay comfy with a soft cushions under your head whilst being able to change the channels when your team scores a own goal!

Available on Amazon, from Ebest…..this is what they say about them:

  • Compatible with most TVs, DVD players, cable boxes, stereos and other home entertainment devices.
  • Codes for more than 500 devices
  • Make changing the channels simple.
  • After 60 seconds of inactivity to conserve power.
  • With a built-in infrared LED for a clear signal.

At £16.35 (plus delivery), its a unique 2in1 you will wonder how you lived without!

Spy Camera Hidden Cam CCTV in a Digital Alarm Clock for Security with Remote Control

This is our personal favourite, a digital alarm clock which works as an alarm clock BUT which hides a motion activated video camera, which will record up to 12 hours of video.  Wanna know what your housemates are up to when you are out?  This is the item for you if you are concerned about the who the heck is nicking your cheese!

Available on Amazon from AMZ_HK (it will be sent from Hong Kong, this item is available in plenty of other places but we found it cheapest here!)

  • HIDDEN SPY CAMERA in ALARM CLOCK: allows you to take videos, perfectly disguised in a working digital alarm clock
  • CAMERA: 2 Megapixel resolution, in 640 x 480 VGA, videos saved in AVI format
  • UP TO 12hrs of VIDEO with high capacity 2200 MA battery; REMOTE CONTROL functions in up to 18 meters distance
  • USB interface and memory card slot (up to 32GB TF card, not included) are perfectly hidden

At £11.85 (plus delivery), a cheap price to pay to imagine you are a Spook!

TruVirtu Oyster Aluminium Wallet

Since the dawn of time, man has bought a leather wallet from a large department store and used it to store credit cards, money and a rain forest of receipts until it has fallen apart at the sitiching, at which time a new one is requested for Christmas, and if not forthcoming is purchased in a January sale.  But STOP – there is another way, and the TruVirtu Oyster Wallet aims to show you the new way, think of a aluminium suitcase scaled down to about the size of 20 B&H, and you are getting the gist, it offers greater security and function, and is the wallet way forward!

Available on Amazon, this what they say about the Oyster wallet.


  • The Aluminium Wallet is the modern alternative to the leather portemonnaie.

  • The wallet opens on both of its sides

  • The Aluminium Wallet is the modern alternative to the leather portemonnaie.

  • Modern, fashionable and functional.

At £22.83 (with free delivery), it will make paying for a pint a fashion statement!

Marmite MarMouse Wireless Computer Mouse and Mouse Mat

You will either love this – or hate it!  We felt the need to end on something entirely pointless, but in which we had fallen so deeply in love (yes we are Marmite lovers at Kewel Towers) that there is currently one winging it's way here to sit on the desk of the leader of the Kewel World, however we do struggle to say little more about it than the fact that it is a wireless mouse and mouse mat in the shape of a jar of marmie and a slice of toast!

Available on Amazon from Porcheshop UK, they found slightly more than us to say about it….

  • 1200 DPI wireless 3 button optical mouse and mouse mat
  • Frequency 2.4 GHz (smallest receiver in the world)
  • Supports Windows ME/2000/XP/Vista MacOSX10.2 and up
  • Dimensions: MarMouse 95mm x 70mm x 30mm, Toast MarMat 175mm x 190mm
  • Official Marmite merchandise.

At £28.99 (with free delivery), it's almost 30 quid's worth of pointless brilliance.


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