Games Expo Ireland 2017 Review

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Gaming Convention Hits Dublin

The very first GXI Games Expo Ireland took place at the RDS in Dublin last weekend and to say it was a very enjoyable event is an understatement!

There is just something fresh and raw about a new convention, yes things can go wrong but not with these guys, coming from the same stable as the Dublin Comic Con you just know you’re in safe hands.

The RDS has always been a favourite of mine for events mainly due to its size. Making it easy to navigate around, even when it’s jammed packed! Of course, I should mention it’s extremely easy to get too, with regular busses stopping right outside.

Of course conventions are judged by what’s on offer and GXI certainly had plenty to offer with guests such as Carolina Ravassa Sombra (Overwatch), Anjali Bhimani (Overwatch) and Peter Jessop (Miraak of The Elder Scrolls V), these guys were so friendly and chatty you could be mistaken for thing they weren’t guests – at all posing for selfies and generally having a good time with the crowd.  I was really impressed by these guys.

games convention

The indie game development scene was also well represented, showcasing some amazing work with plenty of panels and something i would love to see a lot more of at conventions.

Of course, it’s a games con so you expect games right!  Well there was no shortage of those everything from retro space invaders to Overwatch with a cool Nintendo area that was getting plenty of use, there was also something for the younger con-goers in the form of Minevention which held very fun panels on Minecraft.

All in all if gaming was what you were after then GXI had you covered even down to VR and tournaments which were proving extremely popular.

As with every convention you expect to pick up a gift or two and it goes without saying there was plenty of vendors on hand to help you spend your money be it on Funko POPs or some obscure board game, you were sure to find it in the vendor area.

Games Expo Ireland

One thing you can be sure of at convention’s like this, is the amazing cosplay that takes place and GXI was no different with everything from Overwatch to the Witcher on show and all looking absolutely  superb without doubt cosplayers add so much to any convention that you would be hard pressed to imagine one without them!

Overall Games Expo Ireland was pretty damn good.  Offering plenty of entertainment for all age groups and it has to be said it really is the perfect day out for any family.

Last words

Loved how friendly it was the staff were just awesome

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