Gem Smashers

Gem Smashers’ spins onto Smartphone and Tablet devices

Next-gen action-puzzler now available for free on Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store

Liverpool, UK – 15th November 2012– Mobile games publisher, Thumbstar Games, is pleased to announce that Gem Smashers is now available for leading iOS and Android devices.

The Earth has been devastated by the evil scientist IMBU and his henchmen. The world’s inhabitants, who once lived in peace, are now all locked up in crystal cells, allowing IMBU to steal the world’s energy.

In Gem Smashers you adventure through beautiful and varied environments, taking part in action sequences, and fighting the game’s eight “bosses”. Playing as either BAU, BAM & BOM- the three heroic creatures who miraculously escaped IMBU’s clutches, your task is to smash cells, free friends and save the world.

The easy to pick-up and play style has you smashing, springing and spinning to free animals and collect a multitude of exciting power-ups. With more than 100 levels in the story mode Gem Smashers delivers longevity and incredible value- especially as it will be free to play!


Gem Smashers is a must have for fans of action-puzzlers and is a great introduction for those new to the block-busting style of gameplay.

Gem Smashers is the first title Thumbstar are releasing in conjunction with Urbanscan, the experienced developers behind titles such as the Premier Manager series and Bounder’s World. Both companies are perfectly suited to one another, with a real passion for delivering high-quality gaming experiences on Smartphones and Tablets.


About Thumbstar Games

Thumbstar is a mobile games service provider representing more than 150 developers and providing in excess of 3500 titles through 200 channels globally, including the UK and Europe, S.E. Asia, the Americas, the Middle East and Australasia. Thumbstar originally started out in 2008 as an aggregator / publisher of mobile games for J2Me, Windows Mobile, RIM BlackBerry and Symbian. Since then Thumbstar has also moved into mobile games publishing for iOS and Android and expanded its business offering to become a digital developer, distributor and publisher of mobile entertainment lifestyle applications, wallpapers and themes.



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