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Just as the title says getting paid to play games is every gamers dream! But how do you go about making that happen?  Well hopefully this article will give you some ideas of how to get into the game industry and help make that dream come true.

First off, know what you are actually applying for, using a more defined name when you are searching Google or some other search engine for this type of position will help you see more readily what is available, you should use the title QA Tester – these are the people in a games company who test the games for faults and bugs, and no matter if you want to design games or create amazing graphics this is the best way to get your foot in the door.

You are going to need not just to enjoy playing games but actually love it, along with having a good eye for detail, you will also need to be a good communicator and team player as a lot of work will be in conveying the faults you find to the project leader or some other appropriate person.

Game testing is not going to be all fun as game design companies take this side of the process very seriously and expect their QA team to catch any faults before the game hits the general public etc., so while there are some great perks you will also have a lot of repetitiveness and a good deal of report logging.

If none of this phases you and you are still set on becoming a games tester then how do you go about getting that all important foot in the door? Well its not going to be easy as this is an extremely sort after position so any edge you can get in making yourself more appealing to a prospective company the better.

We asked Eastside Games; the creators of Pot farm on Facebook if they had any advice for getting a job in the game development industry? They told me that everyone who works there, really needs to a 'jack of all trades', its no good rocking up to a small independent company with just one skill – programming, art, production, project management etc. Basically if you can wear more than one hat on a small team you will quickly become very useful in that team and hopefully as indispensable as possible!

Be persistent and keep on trying, proving to a studio you are who and what they want, if you want to work for a company that makes social network and mobile games – then play social network and mobile games! Going for an interview not having a clue about that company's games or products will more than likely result in not getting much past the front door!

Sound advice you would have to agree – so when you are writing that covering letter remember to highlight your qualities – eye for detail, being able to meet declines, and even some of the games you have played and most of all make sure you know all you can about the company you are applying to and not just the games – who the management structure from the CEO down is, proving to them that you can do the job and you really want to work for them is half the battle!

And as mentioned before, any edge you can give yourself the better so get to know all about the industry you want to work in not just the position your applying for. Learn also about the whole game development process find out what a programmer actually does, how the graphics are created and how it all comes together, even the sales side its all going to help you. And if you feel that undertaking a course or some training will help you then why not check out some companies that offer this type of training; we came across by doing a simple search, and there are many more companies offering this type of service – we can't vouch for them, but they are well worth looking at.

Where do you find these jobs you ask? Well the best advice we can give is to look at any game you have played or are playing and check out their website most have a positions available page just take a look at and for example and there are many many more, so go forth and find your dream, and hopefully we have given you some tips to get you started.

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