Good Girls Need Not Apply

Claire Seville is a british photographer based in Birmingham, who specialises in making good girls into very bad girls! She offers a altogether different approach to the many photography makeover studios offering to make anyone a princess/glamour puss for the day, because of course, with plenty of soft focus and the right angles anyone can be beautiful!

Claire who does shoot many alternative and fetish models, also offers a “bad girl makeover shoot” its available to anyone who doesn’t have a penis, and you certainly don't need to be a model to book a bad girl shoot.


Claire started photography after she herself used to model, saying it was a natural progression, loving art but admitting she cant draw to save her life, picking up the camera was the next best thing.

She says about working with just ladies….“I find working with lovely ladies is so much fun plus being one myself I have a good eye for what looks hot without it being sleazy. All about the tease not sleaze!

As I said above, there are plenty of studios offering a makeover and photography shoot service, but you specialise in 'bad girls', you can supply it seems pretty much everything from the clothes, hair and make-up to help with posing and styling. So I asked Claire what can a wannabe 'bad girl' can expect from a makeover shoot with you?

Lots and lots of fun and giggles!!! They get to glam up, dress up and pose for me. It's like I have my very own life size Barbie dolls that I can to play out my darkest ideas and concepts on.

You travel all over the country, where does the inspiration come from for your photography shoots?

No one thing, like most artists I draw inspiration from everywhere, other photographers, films, books, people, places, I can be walking down the street or in a store and something will grab me. I keep little diaries full of notes and imagery. Often I’ll dream a concept or idea then that’s it the cogs start whirring and I have to put it in to motion.

You get to work with some great models (I saw the lovely Ruby True an alternative model who we have been lucky enough to feature on KewelWorld (click HERE to see the lovely Ruby True in action)), but what makes a really great shoot for you? Is it say the model, location or perhaps what you are able to get from that model?

“For me its how I work with the model, I’m all about the relationship between us and love us to bounce of each other. That’s how you create magic, when you gel with someone and it doesn’t feel like work. Shoots where you could go all day and not get bored.

I asked Claire a little bit of the technical stuff! What equipment does she use?, and what is the process? I wondered if all pictures are airbrushed and touched up!

“Every girl likes being touched up ;)! I use a Canon 5D MKII, various lenses, lights and accessories. I use Photoshop and Lightroom for editing."

From a photographers point of view, is the popularity of pin-up, alternative and fetish models growing? Fifty Shades of Gray seems to have awakened in a lot of a people a kink they didn’t even know they had! Are you seeing this coming through in the shoots you are doing, and requests women are making for their sessions?

There is a huge alternative model scene now, when I was modelling there was only a couple about, its become really popular. I think with social acceptance of tattoos and burlesque becoming popular not so long back it was always going to happen. Everyone has a bit of kinky in them somewhere and they all want to be a Bad Girl and why not, life is for living.

We always end our interviews is with some fun questions, and Claire of course was not going to get away without them. So here they have……

For anyone else, I might ask who would be their dream dinner party, but you lets stick with our theme! If you could have a photo shoot with any four people as your models who would you choose? Dead or alive, real or fiction!! – Carmen Electra (massive girl crush), Madonna (she loves to shock, me and her would rock that shit), Bettie Page (queen of pinup with a naughty side) and Marilyn Monroe (timeless beauty, I think I’d want to look after her though)."

If you could be a super hero with a super hero power who would you be? – "Super Girl, I’d love to be able to fly then I could go all over the world shooting lovely ladies without paying airport taxes."

Three baskets – a kitten – a puppy – a baby ! Who gets the cuddle?  – "Puppy!!!! I love my two boys to pieces; I have a Staffie called Monkey and a French Bulldog called Monster. Oh and I love my little face too, my 4 year old daughter. But I never get broody for babies only puppies!"




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