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Gore Feast Lets Make It Happen

I’m John W.T. I have a background in low budget shorts including ‘The Unknown Serial Killer’ which premiered at Mayhem Film Festival at The Broadway Cinema in Nottingham in 2008. I have made a number of other successful shorts which include “Unstoppable Killing Machine” 2009 starring Sylvia Robson and “Deathface” 2017 starring Anita Dashwood and Adrian Dobson.

Gore Feast is an horror compendium / anthology which centres on off beat characters and horrific situations. The film will include gore effects and dark humor.The campaign is to raise money for my debut feature film ‘Gore Feast’ which will be the most extreme and gory horror anthology film ever made. It is important to me to raise these funds to cover the costs of making ‘Gore Feast’ and to make it the best film it can be.John Shelton

Contributors will help achieve the goal of making ‘Gore Feast’ an amazing, extreme, gory and funny horror film. They will also help the film to be shown at as many International Horror Film Festivals as possible.

I require a budget of roughly ten thousand pounds to cover the costs of equipment, SFX Make Up, costume, props, locations, catering, transport and most importantly a reliable cast and crew.

Gore Feast is influenced by the films of Hershell Gordon Lewis, Tobe Hooper’s TCM and 80’s Slasher films.

I have a number of perks unique to ‘Gore Feast’. Including Masks from characters, exclusive downloads of previous short films unavailable online, associate producer credits, signed posters and signed photos of ‘Gore Feast’ star Rachael Caulton.

Gore Feast is going to star Rachael Caulton, Jay Bradley(The Milkman, The Last Stockade), Keiron Brook(The Sitter, Dig your own Grave, The Baylock Residents) and Ben Redgate (Cheapskate, Trentside)

I have a number of amazing regular collaborators who have worked on a number of my previous short films these include SFX Make Up Artists Jenny Gilbert and Natasha Mann-Harwood and Director of Photography Nicholas Wright. Other exceptional crew members include Directors of Photography Edward Dinnage and Sigita Silina, First Assistant Director Mark Fowler and Producer John H Shelton (Do you Believe in Ghosts).

If I don’t reach the goal of ten thousand pounds the funds will go into making the film as good as it can be on the achieved funds.

As I am an experienced short filmmaker this will help in managing the risks of making an excellent feature film.

If someone is unable to provide any funding assistance they can still contribute to this campaign by sharing the campaign on social media and blogging and vlogging about the campaign.

John W.T.

Facebook: John W.T.’s “Gore Feast”

Indiegogo: Support Gore Feast

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