The Ice Cream Truck Review

A Suburban Nightmare

The Ice Cream Truck from writer/director Megan Freels Johnston is too most your typical slasher horror even though it tries hard to offer something a bit more gritty in its storyline.

With much of the story revolving around Mary, played by Deanna Russo, a mother of two who has just moved to the suburbs, ahead of the rest of her family, only to find herself with a lot of free time which leads to a few intriguing encounters to say the least.
The Ice Cream TruckAs with all horrors movies, there has to be a baddie and in this case, it just happens to be the creepy Ice cream man (Emil Johnsen) whose silent stare and waif-like figure only adds to his sinister appeal

The film itself has all the usually slasher moments you would expect from this type of film, but there were times I found myself wanting the pace to pick up bit, now whether this was a way of creating some tension in the movie I am not really sure, but for me it just needed a bit more oomph.
Megan Freels JohnstonNow that’s not to say the film itself doesn’t have a lot to offer because it does, the acting is extremely good as is the overall camera work, one thing I have to mention is the writer’s take on most of the male characters as they come across sleazy and lurch like, I would say this was an attempt at creating mystery about who the killer is but to be honest, that’s pretty clear from the outset.

Overall as independent movies go this is not half bad and definitely watchable and let’s not forget to mention there is a bit of a twist at the end which only you can decide if it works or not so go watch it and find out

Worth watching. Rating:  7/10



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