I’m F%$#ing Fine Film Review

Jamie Anderson Debuts her NEW Comedy Short

Welcome to Paradise sings the voice outside the supermarket because you have just entered the twilight zone, well not really but I have just watched Jamie Anderson’s new short I’m F&$#king fine.

Now Paradise is home to a wide and sometimes whacky number of creatures, you know the ones – we have all seen them, the aging dads who suddenly take up cycling just so they can wear tight shorts or the dads that deliver weed on skateboards (this is Paradise after all) but the most commons species of all is the stay at home mom who’s life revolves around their kids, pill popping and yep, you guessed it, drinking wine through a straw during the day.

Bree Turner

Oh and while we’re at it let’s not forget the homeless of Paradise because they have it the hardest of all!   Living out of their Porsches and Maseratis; tough life huh and if this all sounds a bit surreal then that’s because it is.

I’m F&$#king Fine is more about giving the finger to the plastic life that’s sometimes we are all guilty of living, nothing is that perfect in the world and to be honest if it was then you’re probably not living.

Overall you’re not going to come away from this film thinking it was a classic or anything close but then again, I don’t think you’re meant to, its more about what you take from the film, you don’t have to be perfect (after all what’s perfect; except the plastic image that is often fed to us)

With the directing and writing credits once again going to Jamie Anderson, this being the second movie I have watched from this very talented lady, there’s very little you could fault the cinematography is good, the story flows, if anything I’m F&$#king Fine may not have the same comedic moments that Punching Bag had but it’s still an enjoyable watch.

Final words

One wonders what kind of movie Jamie Anderson could produce with a big budget?  And if you take nothing else from this film take this “less pills more chocolate” Oh yeah and stop keeping up with the Joneses their not real!!!

Director: Jamie Anderson
Writer: Jamie Anderson

Bree Turner … Maddie
Candace Kita … Brooke
Jamie Anderson … Chirpy Greeter
Nican Robinson … Dion
Daniel Travis … Stu
Jonathan Stoddard … Kyle
Toneey Acevedo … Mr. White
Jessica Moreno … Catherina
Audrey Hope … Paradise Pamela

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