Insomnia Games Proves the popularity of gaming in Ireland

Hugely successful inaugural Insomnia Games Festival Dublin

Insomnia Games Festival took place in Dublin last weekend and sold out with 5,200 people from across Ireland and throughout Europe attending the show at the RDS. The festival brought together many aspects of today’s gaming landscape, with attendees reporting a great atmosphere across the entire weekend.

Insomnia Gaming Dublin

The opportunity to meet Youtubers and special guests from the gaming world proved a particular highlight. Irish Youtuber Call Me Kevin was delighted to meet his fans on home soil “I had a blast at Insomnia Dublin. It was my first time attending an Irish convention and it was amazing to meet some of my Irish viewers!” UK YouTuber Pyrocynical was an equally huge draw at the event, and was just as enthusiastic saying “I had an awesome time……the crowd was epic!”

Perennial favourite Fortnite was a great success, with 100 players competing across the weekend in the Fortnite Challenge in a bid to win their share of a prize pool valued at over €1,000. The FIFA 20 tournament also saw some amazing matches throughout the festival, with spectators and players alike witnessing an unforgettable showdown in the final. 

Visitors also got a taste of the future of VR Gaming with the Irish debut of the Vive Cosmos VR headset, while the event was also supported by a number of partners including Trust Gaming, Konami, Ubisoft and Apache Pizza.

Gaming Con Dublin

The Insomnia Live Stage hosted some of Ireland’s leading esports teams, with packed audiences watching the Grand Finals of the Overwatch and Rocket League tournaments over the course of the weekend. The popularity of esports continues to grow in Ireland and across the world, with the organisers of Insomnia Dublin continuing to work with the Irish esports community to develop even bigger and better tournaments at future events.

Stuart Dempsey of SWD Events commented “Insomnia Games Festival has had an amazing first year here in Dublin and we would like thank all the visitors and exhibitors who helped make the show such a success. The energy and enthusiasm in the venue was just incredible. Although it was great to sell out the festival so comfortably, it’s a shame we weren’t able to host all of the people who were getting in touch looking for tickets. We’re already looking forward to an ambitious event in November 2020, where we’ll have an even bigger show with capacity for over 10,000 visitors.” 

Updates on Insomnia Games Festival Dublin 2020 will be posted on Twitter and Facebook @insomniafestdub

Welcoming over 100,000 visitors each year, Insomnia is the biggest and longest running games festival in the UK. Following on from this success, Insomnia events are now taking place across the globe. As part of this expansion, Irish based SWD Events hosted Insomnia Games Festival at the RDS Dublin on 9th and 10th November. Plans are already in place for Insomnia Games Festival Dublin in November 2020.

SWD Events is a ground-breaking partnership involving the teams behind Dublin Comic Con, GamerFest and Games Expo Ireland. Combined attendance of 126,000 at these Irish shows over the last number of years demonstrates a huge appetite for gaming events in Ireland. With over 20 years combined experience delivering some of the most successful and innovative shows in Ireland, this unique partnership will see a truly world class gaming festival coming to Dublin for the first time.

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