Ireland Comic Con 2018 Review

Ireland Comic Con Opens Its Doors

Comic Con Ireland opened its doors for its inaugural convention in Dublin last weekend and although this may have technically been its first Comic Con, it was organised by one of the co-founders of MCM Bryan Cooney, which in itself gives it a welcome seal of approval.
cosplayTaking place at RDS Simmons Court Complex this was a
two day event which, it has to be said, the weather gods were very unkind too!  On Saturday offering one of the most horrible rain filled days we have had for a while, so kudos to all con goers who turned out on this day.

As you know Comic Cons are about guest and entertainment and for me the guest line up was pretty ordinary with Catherine Tate, Steven Ogg, and John Rhys Davis being the most popular with Kira Kosarin being a big hit in the Kidtropolis zone.

Combined with the guest line-up you also had the Game of Thrones, Dire Wolves Odin and Thor which always go down well plus the Iron Throne for those who like the seat of power and for the younger con goers there was the very busy Kidtropolis Zone which had fun activities and bouncy castles

Of course you are always going to have a plethora of stalls selling everything you would expect from these type of events. I mean if you don’t come away from a comic con with some sort of memento have you really been to a comic con?
agent carter cosplay
So how does Comic Con Ireland compare to other well established cons Like Dublin Comic Con well to be honest its probably a bit unfair to expect that kind of level for its first con however it was over two days was a bit of stretch one day would easily have been enough but then again if that one day had been Saturday it would have been a wash out where as Sunday was glorious sunshine, so from an organisers point of view having it over two days more than not paid off

Final words

Did I have fun? Yes was it worth a two day event? Not really as everything could easily have been covered in one day, will I attend next year? Of course this was their first year, I expect this event to grow and along with it I am hoping for some bigger guests, until then onwards and upwards

Comic-Con Ireland

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