Jaw’s The Movie (Thank you for 40 Years of Fear )

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While surfing the web the other day I came across some really cool Jaws the Movie collectables, which got me thinking can it really be forty years since it first hit our screens and started a franchise of movies that would stand the test of time?
A little research and a lot of fluffing about the internet confirmed it had indeed been forty years since it first gave us all phobias about swimming in the sea, the official date of release being June the 20th 1975 staring Roy Scheider, Robert Shaw, Richard Dreyfuss, Lorraine Gary and Murray Hamilton

Directed by of course by the great Steven Spielberg what really set this movie apart was the fabulous music score; I mean who can forget that ever increasing crescendo as the shark approached its victim. Totally iconic in itself and for years leaving its mark on the movie world as one of the greats.

For the few who have never seen or heard of Jaws then you seriously need to take some time out grab a box of popcorn and watch a true piece of movie history
The storyline revolves around a large man eating shark which terrorizes the beaches of Amity Island, during a hot New England Summer forcing the local police chief to take action by forming a team, which includes oceanographer (Richard Dreyfuss) and Shark Hunter (Robert Shaw) to hunt and destroy the beast

The film is a perfect example of how a thriller should be great storyline brilliant acting and of course the star himself Jaws.
Based on the bestselling novel of the same name by Peter Benchley a renowned marine conservationist, his love of ocean life having a huge influence on his writing, having also written other movie adaptations such as the Deep and Beast. None though proved as popular or as iconic as Jaws, an idea which he formulated as far back as 1964 after reading an article about fisherman catching a 4,550 pound great white shark.

Although Benchley will be for ever known as the author of Jaws, he and his wife Wendy have offered so much more to the world as ocean conservationists, more of which can be found out about them here (www.peterbenchley.com)

The film itself was well known for going over budget mainly due to problems with the mechanical shark, this however did not stop it being the highest grossing film of its time right up until Star Wars made is appearance. Jaws went on to win three academy awards, forging the franchise for three further sequels Jaws2, Jaws 3D and finally Jaws the Revenge all of which never reached the heights of the original.

Jaws to this day is still one of the greatest movies ever made giving rise to a plethora of fandom ranging from collectors’ items to fans sites some of which are shown below


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Well after all that the only thing that remains is to say a big thank you to Messer’s’ Spielberg, Benchley and co for forty years of thrills and remember if you hear the call get out of the water!!! lets hope your in a swiming pool at the time .

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