Jessica Sonneborn Movie Poster Girl

Jessica Sonneborn

Jessica Sonneborn Movie Poster Girl

Being fans of horrors and independent movies in general, we are always delighted when we get a chance to chat with someone from the entertainment world.

So having the very talented Jessica Sonneborn, Actress, Model, Writer, Producer and Director take a seat on our interview couch as a real pleasure. Jessica as with most of our interview we like to ask our interviews to give our readers a brief bio, where you’re from how you got started etc?

I’m from Connecticut.  I am a tomboy and grew up with an awesome family including my parents and two older brothers, and always surrounded by numerous pets including a trained goat. 

My dad is a film historian and collector of film and movie posters, so I blame all of this on him J.  My parents are also my number one cheerleaders; the most supportive, giving and awesome parents an artist could ask for.

You have done quit a few horror movies now, was this a genre you always thought about working in? Or was it just a natural progression of being and actress?

I think it’s a natural genre for actors to start out with, and then some of us LOVE being in them and making them… so we stick around.  J

You have just completed your director’s debut in filming Alice D, which you also wrote and acted in. Did you find it hard working both sides of the camera on a storyline you had such close ties with?

Yes!  It’s really hard, but I had an excellent team behind me including my Jessica Sonnebornsuper talented Cinematographer and editor: Eric Latek.  He had my back and whenever I was acting; I trusted that he would guide me.  I also had my awesome partners/ producers Chris Maltauro, Kristina Page and Josh Hammond.   Filmmaking is collaboration and I pride myself on putting together an excellent team of talented players on and off the screen for Alice D., including the awesome Kane Hodder and Al Snow who came out and knocked their roles out of the park.

The house Across the Street looks a really interesting movie, where you play one of the leads Amy.  How was it working alongside the likes of Eric Roberts and Alex Rocco two seasoned actors?  And what are your thought on your own role of Amy?

I had a blast on HATS.  Arthur Luhn, the director/writer and editor of that movie has an amazing vision for this movie.  I introduced him to one of my friends and partners, Bill McAdams, who became his producer and attached the names.

Jessica SonnebornI really enjoyed working with Eric, Alex, and also Ethan Embry, Courtney Gains and Josh Hammond, along with all the awesome Boston area talent.  They are all so talented and professional and it was an honour to share the screen with everyone. 

I got to play a really awesome character, Amy.  She’s been through a lot in her life and she decides to take matters into her own hands… It was a really empowering female role and I LOVED playing such a gritty, dark character.

One question I would like to ask Jessica is, are you every afraid of being type cast as horror / scream queen actress only?

I’m not afraid, I love horror, I love thrillers…and I love working… so type cast me, baby.

The 80s and the early 90s were golden years for the indi horror scene but one has to say there seams to be a huge increase today, in people making movies, obviously Amazon, Netflix and the internet in general is helping this. What are your thoughts on the industry at the moment and where do you feel its strength and why people should watch more indi films?

I feel like most of my friends are making their own movies these days… behind the scenes on money shot with jennifer kirsten coxwhich is AWESOME… I support and LOVE Indi Films, but it also means the industry is changing because there is so much competition from all the content out there. In this age of digital filmmaking, anyone can make a movie… so my feelings…?  I love that people can do what they dream to do. This pushes us all to be better and make the best content we can

I know some of our readers are very interested in getting in to film making and acting, how hard is it today to get started and any advice you could give to get there foot in the door so to speak?

Volunteer on a few different sets, short films and low budget films love having help… see what it’s like on set.  It’s hot, it’s cold, and its long hours and it can be crazy and chaotic.  You can always connect and meet interesting people if you happen to catch the filmmaking bug.

You’re obviously very busy at the moment what projects are you currently working on and what’s currently available for our readers to check out?

Jessica SonnebornI have several awesome movies that are in pre-production that I’m attached to: Psycho a Go-Go which is a 60s remake, Creative Mind, which shoots in the Boston area and has some great names attached and The Stand In, which is one of my partners: Bill McAdams passion project, it’s a terrific script.

Movies that are coming very soon are Alice D., The House Across the Street, Never Open the Door, Rabid Love (which is going on the B Movie Tour across America) American Girls; Pain is Beautiful and the series Red Sleep.

Available now: The Witches of Oz (Amazon), Money Shot (Released by Kevin Smiths Movie Club: Amazon and Netflix), A Lure (Amazon and Netflix), Bloody Bloody Bible Camp (Amazon), Love Squared the series (YouTube)… I hope I’m not forgetting anyone… and if so I have links to everything on my website:





Jessica we always like finish our interviews with some fun questions so we hope you don’t mind us throwing a few at you


Where in the world would you most like to visit?

I’d love to do a tour of Asia.

Are you scared of Leprechauns?

Depends on where they’re showing up… under my bed at night: Yes.  In a pot of gold in the afternoon: Not so much.  J


What’s your favourite movie of all time?

Pans Labyrinth


What type of music do you like to listen too?


Bob Marley!  But I love all types of music from musicals to pop.


Are you a collector of things like memorabilia or comics etc?


I’m learning to collect movie posters from my dad, who is a major collector.

Well that about raps it up, it’s been really great having you come chat with us Jessica, now all that remains it’s to tell our readers where they can find out more about you and your work




Thanks again and please keep us up to date with all your latest news

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