July Horror Block Unboxing

horror block


As you may or may not know Nerd Block offer a number of themed subscription type boxes.

This one being our first horror block unboxing we had no real idea of what to expect!

Once again the box containing the contents is well designed with a cool ‘bloody hands’ look, it’s a small thing but it really does add to the whole thing of these subscription boxes,

anyway the first thing out of the box is a Titan Vinyl bloody looking Spike from Buffy, now I am not much of a Buffy fan but this is pretty cool so I am happy enough with it. Next up is the t-shirts, and not one but again there are two, one given as a bonus so, yeah, already that’s adding to the value of this box. The first one is based on the show Sherlock, any fBuffy the Vampire Slayerans of the show will probably recognise the smiley face on the wall, the other t shirt which is obviously the one themed to the box is an American Werewolf in London design, and one which I like a lot more than the bonus Sherlock, so will definitely be wearing it.

Also in the box is a Walking Dead decal, as a huge Walking Dead Fan (who isn’t!), I was very pleased with this. Next out is a DVD called Choose their Kill (season one) which looks very interesting indeed as from a quick read of it, you get to choose who dies – looking forward to that one!

Ok and the last thing we take out is the Rue Moruge magazine which is packed full of lovely horror info.
So overall did we like this box? Well to be truthful, we were a bit undecided there was not really anything in it that made us go oh wow, but you did get two t-shirts, so value wise it was good, but think we will reserve our thoughts on the Horror Block subscription until we open another one.

Kewel World Value Rating: 7/10

Cost of Box     $19.99                                    Cost of Delivery to UK     $12.50

Link To Site www.nerdblock.com

Sherlock T-Shirtamerican werewolf in london
walking dead Choose their Kill DVD
Rue Morguehorror block box


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