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Karina AtleeA pinup diva with a taste for all that’s geek, Karinna Atlee is as enthusiastic about comics, games and movies as she is about her modeling. Just do a quick search of her name in Google and you will see just how stunning she is.

Karinna just to start things of can you give our readers a brief bio, where you’re from and how you got started in modeling?

"I'm originally from Newport News, Virginia, but I currently reside around the Atlanta area. I began modeling about two years ago after discovering a couple of photographers who specialized in pin-up photography. I have been a huge admirer of the style of the 40s since I was a teenager, so I figured this would be a fun thing to get involved in and it definitely has been! Since the beginning, I have always made sure to keep my modeling real to the person I am and to never stray away from that, which also why I cosplay, as well."

A lot of your photos involve cosplay is this an extension of your own interests or a particular area of modeling you pursued? 

Karinna Atlee"Both! I have had a love for cosplay since I was a child (my first ever costume was Jasmine from Aladdin, hand-sewn by my dear Meema). Since then, I have greatly enjoyed designing my own costumes inspired by my favorite characters. The feeling of hand-crafting costumes and stepping into the alter-ego of a fictional character is so exhilarating. Once I began modeling, I connected with a couple of photographers (Robin Gatti (Cook) and Grant Beecher) who shared the same interests as I do. Bringing cosplay into my modeling, designing sets that reflect the fantasy world of each character, is one of the most exciting things I have done with my modeling."

Cosplay seems to really have grown over the years from something that was once considered only for the very nerdy to now being almost cool, Have you notices any major changes over the years? 

"Oh, absolutely! I remember I would be made fun of by my peers for admiring the things that I did when I was growing up. Rather than letting that pressure get the best of me, though, it made me more determined to stand my ground and embrace what I love. When I attended my first comic con I was overwhelmed with how awesome everyone was. I was surrounded my hundreds of people who expressed the same excitement, the same passion, that I do. I know that some people have been very critical towards those who cosplay now-a-days (especially us girls), saying that we only do this for the attention or because it is "mainstream." It saddens me that some people have that perspective about cosplayers, but all I can say is that I know this is who I am, this is what I love to do, and that's all that matters to me."

Karinna AtleeThe pinup genre of modeling seems to be made for the alternative model almost bringing a dark modern look to the once 40s and 50s style, do you enjoy this type of work and can you see further growth in this area? 

"I greatly enjoy pin-up modeling. It was the first genre of modeling I became involved in, so I will always have a love for it. As my modeling career has progressed, I have steered more towards pursuing cosplay since it is what rests closest to my heart, but pin-up will always be something I can, and will, have fun with! The thing I love about pin-up is that is does not have limitations. Today's world is harshly critical over body image, which has been immensely damaging to women of all ages. I have seen girls close to me deal with the pressure of body image, starving themselves and feeling worthless, and it breaks my heart. One of my goals with my modeling is that I want to show women all over the world that no matter what dress size you are, how much you weigh, what haircolor you have, whether you have tattoos or not, you are all beautiful. I'm 5'4", I have tattoos, I don't have the biggest boobs in the world…but instead of trying to fit in to the criteria of what is considered "beautiful" in today's world with the plastic surgery, excessive dieting, etc, my attitude is what you see is what you get! (…and if I want a double cheeseburger, I'm going to eat it).

The modern style of pin-up modeling embraces everyone's body image, and allows women of any size to feel beautiful. It has brought so many women together, allowing them to be pampered, get dolled up, and feel damn sexy! Confidence is one of the most beautiful traits anyone can have. It's important to me that more women to gain this confidence and learn to love their image."

Being gamers ourselves at Kewelworld, with World Of Warcraft somehow being our 'go back to game' (although we are lucky enough to be beta testing one or two new ones!), what games are you currently playing and is there one that you always return too? 

Karinna Atlee

"Currently I have been playing The Walking Dead game on PS3. This game is an adaptation from the comic book/TV-show and allows you to chose your fate while surviving the zombie apocalypse. It's so freaking awesome!  One of my favorite games is Left4Dead (I have Zoey tattooed on my right arm). My best girlfriends and I will play this game together every now and then and it's always so much fun. (I guess I tend to have a place in my heart for the zombie games…haha). When I'm really wanting to reflect on my childhood, I'll fall back to games like Spyro and Goldeneye (I would play these games with my dad constantly when Iwas younger)."

I have heard you are also bit of a writer can you tell our readers more about this side of you and where can we get to read your work?

"I have had a love for writing since before I could read, really. I remember as a child I would sit at my grandparents' computer and just type away until my little hands were sore. I still have a huge binder filled with some of my first stories, which is rather entertaining to read. I have quite a few different book ideas in the works (my desk is filled with folders, scattered notes, and rough drafts). However, I currently do not have any fictional work published. 

I also write for G33KPRON, a website centered around pop-cultural news, TV show/movie reviews, cosplay galleries, and convention coverage. I write mostly about movies, TV shows, and artwork/tattoos. You can check out my work, as well as the rest of the g33kpron team, at www.g33kpron.com."

If I was to say to you in where do you see yourself in five years time what would your answer be still modelling and cosplaying or a published author?

"All of the above. Those are all important aspects of my life, and I only hope to grow in everything I do in the years to come."

Well before we let you out of our fun house, we like to ask our guest a few fun questions:

Karinna Atlee

Karinna if you were a cartoon character who would it be and why?  "I would have to say Mary Jane Watson from the Spiderman cartoon in the 90s. Spider-Man/Peter Parker is my biggest superhero crush."

Do you sing in the bath or shower? "Hahaha, it depends on what time of day. If I'm waking up at 5am, you probably won't catch me singing in the shower while I'm still half asleep. Singing in the shower is a rare occasion for me, but it does happen every now and then."

Where in the world would you most like to visit? "Oh goodness, anywhere overseas! I want to visit places like New Zealand, Paris, London, etc. The world has so much beauty and culture to offer. I want to experience as much of that as I can while I'm still on this planet."

What type of music do you like? "My music taste is quite spread out.  I listen to anything from My Chemical Romance to Beethoven to The Civil Wars to Ludo. I have a deep appreciation for film scores (John Williams and Hans Zimmer are musical geniuses) and other forms of classical music since I am a violinist (and movie fanatic)."

Best Movie you have ever seen? "Oh my gosh. My love for movies is down-right ridiculous. I can never name just one favorite. If I had to name my top three favorite films (or film sagas), they would be Back to the Future, Star Wars, and American Beauty."

Well that about wraps it up its been a pleasure getting to chat with you and we hope you keep us updated with all your news.

"Thank you so much for having me!"


Karinna Atlee


Modeling: www.facebook.com/karinnatlee

Tumblr: www.atleedala.tumblr.com

Twitter: @karinnatlee

Writing: www.g33kpron.com/author/karinna




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