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Once again we are joined by a very beautiful and talented Model & Cosplayer Kearstin Nicholson and if the first part of her bio on Facebook is anything to go by “I have plans to succeed in total domination of planet Earth. Superhero on weekends.” The world needs to keep an eye on this lady indeed.

> Welcome to Kewel World Kearstin can you give our readers a little bio about yourself and how you got started in modelling and also cosplay?

“I have been costuming since 2008! It wasn’t until about February 2010, I started actually making the costumes myself. I’m still learning! I still love to commission work as well because I support many people in our scene. I enjoy costuming comic book characters the most, but I have done anime, video games and movies, too. My to-do list is literally in the 100’s these days! Eek!

Being a model, is there any particular genre of modeling you prefer over one?

“I have been modeling since early 2004. From alternative fetish to nude to editorial published work. As of 2012, I am one of the original launched models for which is cosplay erotica pinup. I would have to say that working for GG has been my favorite as it combines my love for being nude and for costuming!”

Like most of us, you are also a bit of a geek, what types of things are you into?  Do play any games like World of Warcraft or do you collect specific memorabilia?

“I’m in the gamer genre mostly while my focused system has been XBOX 360. I have a collected gamerscore of 24140 as of today. I love striving for achievements because it forces me to work for the money I spent on the damn thing! I also have recently picked up streaming: Haha, but in all honesty, I do love many other things. Comics, cartoons, movies, and my obsession for collecting toys/statues. It’s gotten pretty ridiculous and I’m running out of room. I even live in a HOUSE!”

I have read somewhere you’re also a musician playing piano and drums can you tell us more about this side of you i.e. in other words spill the beans on where we can hear you “smiles”.

“Hehe, I don’t have any drums or piano currently up, that’s actually something I’m collaborating now as to whether I want to perform split screen with me behind both instruments, or have my boyfriend who is also a drummer accompany me while I’m on keys. I do however have a few lazy webcam karaoke songs up on my Youtube!”

Cosplay is obviously a big part of what you do, what other interests do you have, I hear you’re pretty creative?

“I’m very much have always been referred to as a jack of all trades. I have so many interests in so many things, it’s really hard to specifically “categorize” me based on interests. While I’m into nerdy things, I’m also into sports and music. Some can call that a “meta-nerd” if you will. I’m also a dancer. Years ago I was a choreographer for hip-hop, but these days it’s just go-go work at conventions :)”

Your very much involved with which is a great site by the way, can tell us a little how it came about and about the site itself ?

“We are a nerdy nude website that launched Dragoncon 2012, and needless to say it launched very well! We are compiled of photoshoot sets of images of each of the GG girls on the site. While it’s a paid membership to see entire sets, we have many ways to have people still be a part of our community as it’s the nerd community that makes us! I was asked by one of my good friends Jessica Nova, who is one of the co-owners of the site. I immediately jumped on board because it was two things I was already doing! Nude work, and costuming. Combine the two, and it’s a whole other creative outlet. While I am one of a couple GG girls up in my area, we are spread across the country and I love it. We offer the pinup cosplay spice, but also offer many perks as well. We host a lot of panels, events, and collaborate parties! And who doesn’t love to party :).”

Do you still enjoy cosplay as much as when you first started? The scene seems to just grow and grow with costumes getting more and more fantastic looking, as cosplayers push the boundaries

“Yes! Especially now that I am almost to the point where I make everything entirely myself. It forces me to learn new things, new techniques. And when I don’t want to make something, I commission out to those I admire so I can support them as well. It takes a lot of work to sew, craft, mold and sculpt; so giving back to those who create is a fabulous feeling. I used to take commissions for quite a while but I stopped as it just became too overwhelming, since costuming is not my full-time job. The scene has it’s drama and frustration here and there, but you’ll get that anywhere. Being able to pull away, recognize, and grow from it is what helps me to feel more productive haha.”

We always like to ask a few fun questions before we end, so here goes……

If were a super hero who would it be? “Jean Grey. Forever and always I wish I were Jean Grey. Aside from the power that she has, I think the stories (and yes, I refer to all universes) she has is so chaotic that it’s almost admirable that she goes through it. The obstacles, that is. The fact that she’s almost always unstable shows to me she’s still a person, and dealing with difficulties in life is what makes her so respected to me.”

Do you wear socks to bed? “Oh hell no. My feet get way too hot at night! I can’t even sleep with the blanket on them!”

What was the last book or comic you read? “Well, today is actually Wednesday, so before I get my hands on today’s pull list; last issue I read was Age of Ultron #7 and The Legend of Luther Strode #4!”

What type of music do you like? Since I’m a musician, and had many lessons with many different types of teachers; I’ve been exposed to loads of genres. Over the years my taste has changed, alongside my maturity LOL, so today you’ll find myself listening a lot to Singers and Standards/Swing/Big Band, Rockabilly and for good measure: dubstep 🙂

Where in the world would you most like to visit? “I’d like to visit Malta someday, to tell you the truth. I’ve been to London, but I would love to see other parts of Europe. Specifically Scotland!”

Thank you so much Kearstin for taking some time to chat with us

And please keep us up to date with all your happenings?


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